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Limestone And Its Everyday Usage

Using Limestone On A Daily Basis

When you inspect your house, you may think there is no limestone in it. You don’t have limestone flooring, countertops, tiles, or anything else. Does that mean you’ve never come across limestone? Not at all! In fact, limestone is something you use on a daily basis, whether you know it or not. Here are just a few examples of how handy the natural material of limestone is in your daily life.

Hidden Within The Walls

Just because you don’t have limestone in your home doesn’t mean you aren’t around it. Many buildings have limestone inside and outside of their exterior walls. Limestone is a strong, durable material that has been used for buildings for thousands of years. Many important American monuments are made from limestone of various types because of its beauty and durability. So the next time you walk into a nice building, you might be in contact with the natural material.

A Mineral You Can Count On

When you feel like a light breakfast and you stick some bread in the toaster, did you know you’re eating it? Farmers often use limestone to neutralize the soil in order to grow wheat. Limestone is also added to flour to help us maintain our calcium levels and reduce the risk of bone diseases.

Cleaning The House

Whether you are cleaning limestone materials or not, you’re using limestone. Surface cleaners contain limestone filler and there are certain cleaners that are mildly abrasive because of the limestone they hold. This helps your home remain cleaner than ever.

Limestone In The Palm Of Your Hand

When you pick up a pencil to make a to-do list, did you ever stop to think that you are using limestone? There’s limestone filler in the pencil lead! The paper you are writing on also contains limestone filler which provides a smooth coating to some paper material, like that on brochures. So when you get your mail out of the mailbox, just remember you might be touching limestone.

Making Tea

It’s nice to have an afternoon or even an evening cup of tea to relax. Keep in mind that ceramics and metals often have limestone in them in order to help them maintain their durability. Also if you put milk in your tea, remember that cows often take a dietary calcium supplement that is derived from limestone.

Painting Projects

If you are planning to refresh a room with a new coat of paint, you are inadvertently adding limestone to the room without even knowing it. Limestone is used to make pigments in the paint so it sticks to the walls well and has the right color tone.

Use More Limestone

These are just a few ways that you are using limestone in your everyday life. If you appreciate these uses and want to use more with limestone details throughout your home, contact Impression for help on customizing limestone for your project. You can consider a fireplace surround, a kitchen hood, a full floor, or anything else you can come up with. You’re already using limestone…you may as well know it!