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Custom Fireplace Options to Suit Every Home

Finding The Right Fireplace Option

Your home is unique and you want it to reflect your personal preferences and style. The fireplace is often the center focal point of the room it inhabits and you want the look and feel to be just right, even if there’s no fire burning. The fireplace is meant to add warmth and it can do that even when there is no heat coming from the element. Customizing your fireplace can bring a new level of beauty and elegance to the space. Here are a few options to consider.

Go With Marble

The first thing you will want to do is decide on a material for your fireplace. People, in general, are obsessed with this stone for fireplaces. It’s available in a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors so it can fit into whatever aesthetic you have in mind. However, the hard part about using marble fireplaces is that you have to figure out what you want from that wide range of choices. These are a few of the possibilities that could fit into your home: 

Antique Marble

Consider recycling and restoring an old marble mantel from past decades or centuries to give your home a traditional style with some history behind it. Italian marble is always beautiful, but when it has restoration behind it along with a story, it can bring even more to the space and  make your home feel like more of a villa. 

Modern Sleek

If your home is patterned in the modern style, a contemporary mantel in white or black marble will give you the style you want to go with the rest of the home. You need clean lines, a sleek look, and minimal decorations with this type of fireplace. 

Stacked Stone

To make the marble fireplace look even more natural, you could turn it into a focal point with stacked stones. The interlocking panels look like puzzle pieces that are placed together in a rustic manner that makes your house feel like a cabin.

The Classic Marble Tile

Marble tile is always going to add beauty and elegance wherever you place it and that includes around the fireplace. You can weave a pattern around the element with different colors or you can get the same color to give your fireplace a one-sided color pattern. Either way, the tiles add depth to the space.

Black And White Coloring

When you utilize marble that has both black and white within it, like black marble with white veins, you get a contrasting look that is downright stunning. It can bring the two colors together in a modern room in a way that feels upscale and elegant. 

Hand Carved White

On the other hand, if you want something that offers brightness no matter what time of day it is, going with pure white marble can offer light to any room. If you want something that feels like it came out of another century, hand carvings to suit your style gives you the look and feel you want.

Getting The Right Marble Fireplace

There are lots of other options for marble fireplaces. They key is finding the best fit for your home. Whether you know what you want or not, the professionals at Impression can help.

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