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Chic Uses For Limestone In A Modern Home

A Little Limestone Goes A Long Way

When you are going for a modern look in your home, you don’t want a lot of decorations to clutter up space and make things look complicated and overdone. The good news is that there are materials out there that add to the look of your home without taking away from the modern appeal. Minimalism is huge right now and when you utilize limestone in your house, you can add elegance and beauty without overdoing anything at all. Here are a few places you might consider adding limestone in a chic manner to your modern home.

A Stunning Headboard

You don’t want a huge, wood-laden headboard to make the room look heavy and dark, but a limestone headboard could be just what you need. Using the light, natural stone as a headboard gives the room a soft look without overdoing any colors. The neutral tints are beautiful and elegant and add a bit of texture without being too “busy” for a modern space.

Limestone Table Tops

Whether you want a new dining table, coffee table, or end table, limestone materials are a great option. Not only does limestone hold up well against the test of time and heavy use, but the light, natural material fits in well with a modern look. If you have mostly black and white colors sprinkled around, the texture in the limestone will accent those colors and add a slightly different contrast without overdoing it.

Elegant Walls

You’ve likely seen limestone surrounding showers or tubs, but wouldn’t it look great lining one wall of your home? You don’t have to go crazy and do every wall in limestone, but if you have one accent wall with limestone on it, it can really brighten the room and bring elegance into the space. Since limestone’s natural colors are muted and neutral, you can find the right material with modern colors.

Cozy Fireplace Surrounds

Limestone makes elegant columns and fountains and many other things, but in a modern style home, you want something that fits in and doesn’t stand out too much. A limestone fireplace surround is a perfect way to incorporate the limestone grains into your modern house without overwhelming the home with something extravagant. The fireplace surround highlights the warm, welcoming area of the room while giving the natural stone a wonderful place to fit into the décor with ease.

Get More Ideas

Whether one of these ideas stands out or you are still looking for the perfect fit, Impression is the limestone company to contact for help. We have been customizing limestone materials for homeowners for decades and we take pride in our craftsmanship every step of the way. We love limestone and we want you to fall in love with whatever piece you decide upon for your home. Let’s go over some of the options or come up with new ideas and see what works best for your modern home. Together, we’ll maximize the beauty of the natural stone within your space.