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Uses For Marble Countertop Remnants

Utilize Remnants In Creative Manners

When you get marble countertops, the wholesalers from the marble materials sometimes have pieces leftover. The marble remnants are cut away from the slabs in order to make the marble fit onto your countertop space correctly. These pieces are often too small to fit other countertops or floors so they are sold at a much lower cost. While you may not be able to use them on your countertop, there are other areas around your home that could use a touch of beauty with marble. Here are a few creative ideas to make use of the remnants:

In The Kitchen

Just because you want marble countertops does not mean you have to put marble everywhere in the kitchen. Instead of getting marble countertops everywhere, you could use remnants that might be the perfect size for one small island. Marble is a great area for food prep because it stays cool and things don’t stick to it. It is also a nice centerpiece for the room that adds aesthetics and beauty.

In The Bathroom

Marble is great in the kitchen, but that’s not the only place people want it. It withstands moisture and is easy to clean, which makes it great for bathrooms as well. Some remnants aren’t big enough for countertops in the kitchen, but they’re the perfect size for a small vanity. Just get a hole cut out for a drop-in sink and you’re ready to go. You can also use remnants for tiles around the bath or shower if you get them cut up into smaller shapes.

In The Living Room

There are plenty of places marble remnants can fit into the living room, such as on top of the coffee table. Coffee tables are often small enough to fit remnants and the marble top alters the look of the room right away while adding some texture to the décor. You can mismatch marble or get all the same look for coffee tables and end tables to tie everything together. Another great option for marble in the living room is to use the remnants as tiles to surround the fireplace. The stunning material makes a great surround and it holds up very well to heat. It can become a warm, welcoming part of the room and make the fireplace stand out more than it ever did before.

Get Marble Experts

If you want to incorporate marble remnants into your home, but you just aren’t sure where it will fit in best yet, consult with the professionals at Impression. We have been providing homeowners with custom home features for decades and we love handcrafting pieces for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. If you have a vision for marble remnants in your home, great. Let’s make it a reality. If you aren’t sure yet, we’re always full of ideas and we’d love to share them with you. Let’s talk about your goals for each room of your house and see where marble will fit in!