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Can Marble Be Refinished?

Why People Refinish Their Marble

There are a lot of reasons why people refinish their marble, including lifting stains and getting rid of water marks, etch marks, chips, scratches, and cracks. Chips and cracks can come from being struck by something hard and heavy, like accidentally hitting a cast iron pan or heavy pot on your counters. Marring and burns can be created by hot pots and pans being set directly on the counter instead of on a trivet or potholder. Dulling takes place when using the wrong cleaners or having repeated exposure to acidic ingredients, which etches and dulls the stone. Staining happens when strong liquids sit on a counter too long, or if the counter they’re spilled on hasn’t been resealed properly or recently. Refinishing is generally regarded as not a DIY job; it requires much skill and experience to properly refinish marble to preserve its aesthetics while best protecting it.

The Process for Refinishing Marble

The process for refinishing marble involves sanding down the surface using resin diamond pads. From there, the marble is buffed using marble polishing paste for a shiny finish. Afterwards, sealer (also called sealant) is applied to protect from any potential future stains. While it isn’t recommended to do these fixes on your own, minor chips can be repaired on your own. You’ll need to purchase a marble repair kit, which usually runs between $35 and $100.

How Much Refinishing Marble Costs

Refinishing can be expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment in order to restore and protect your counters from future stains and breaks. Typically, refinishing is $35-100 per hour of labor, plus the cost of any materials. Polishing stone with sealant is ballparked to be around $2 to $8 per square foot of stone. Minor fixes are usually around $200, but can reach $800 or more depending on their severity. Truly restoring a kitchen’s worth of countertops is usually at least $1,000, if not significantly more. Luckily, high quality materials need refinishing the least due to their durable qualities. Unfortunately, these same materials are the ones that are a bit more costly to repair over time. In general, it pays off to choose more expensive materials, as the occasional high-cost repair is ultimately cheaper than several mid-cost repairs for lower-quality materials. 

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