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How Long Do Marble Countertops Last?

Marble Countertops: Will They Last?

When choosing a new countertop material, many homeowners wonder, “How long will these countertops last?” It’s a reasonable question, as redoing your home is often an investment. Those choosing marble countertops usually know that marble can add to the overall worth and resale value of a home, but why is that? For starters, marble is incredibly beautiful. Homes with marble typically appear to be more elegant and expensive, and provide a polished, classic-yet-modern look. But marble’s benefits go far beyond its looks. Marble is also a very durable option; one that can easily withstand the heat, humidity, and daily wear-and-tear that typically come with being used as a kitchen or bathroom countertop material.

Comparing Marble to Other Materials

Compared to other options, marble can last twice as long as other countertop material options! In fact, the National Association of Home Builders reports marble being one of only a couple materials that can last over 100 years. Manufactured options, including stone-based ones created with resin, usually have shorter lifespans because the man-made “ingredients” are more prone to heat and sun damage. These “cultured marbles,” made by mixing stone and other elements, often need to be replaced after a few decades. Marble is an ideal material also because other natural materials, like wood, tend to take far more upkeep to achieve the same lifespan as natural stone.

Caring for Your Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are built to last, but achieving their full longevity requires diligent care and upkeep from a homeowner. However, much of this care goes into preserving the aesthetics of marble and not its structural strength. Marble is quite porous, which means it is necessary to seal it yearly, at a minimum, in order to prevent water, dirt, and debris from settling in the holes of the stone. When not properly sealed, marble can be left with stains far more easily, especially if from acidic liquids like coffee or lemon juice. When food residues and drink remnants remain on marble, the surface becomes damaged, which reduces its lifespan. Marble’s porosity also leaves it more open to etching and scratching, but this can be prevented through careful use of countertops and being mindful of protecting countertops of high-traffic areas the most.

Choose Countertops That Last With Impression

All things considered, it can be said that marble countertops will last a lifetime if properly cared for. At Impression, there’s no need to ever question if your stone countertops will stand the test of time; they always will! Our company sources stones from reputable quarries across the globe, finding options that combine the strongest stone with the best color and pattern compositions possible. If you’re ready to add marble countertops to your home’s bathroom or kitchen, contact our team at Impression today! We start by discussing your dream project and work with you to craft a design that encapsulates all of your favorite features. Then, you’ll visit our showroom to select a stone color and pattern that fits your home’s aesthetic. Lastly, we’ll begin your project and start recommending installation companies that will bring your finished home feature to life!

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