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The Appeal Of Limestone In Each Room

Where To Place Limestone In Each Room Of The House

When you want a hint of elegance in your home, it might be simple enough to place limestone materials in little bits and pieces within every room. You may not want to overdo it, but limestone is a material you can never have too much of in a home. Here are a few suggestions you could incorporate in each room of the house.

Options For The Kitchen

The most obvious place to put limestone in the kitchen is on the countertops. Limestone counters bring quality and elegance together with a beauty that will truly stand out in the space. Another great option for the kitchen is a kitchen hood. With a custom design, you can place a focal piece in the room that is not only useful but also eye-catching.

Options For The Living Room

If you want a fireplace that stands out, use limestone materials to surround the warm area. Custom designs can be as ornate or simple as you’d like and you have something that makes the room feel warm and inviting even when you aren’t burning a fire. Another good option for the living room is a door surround. The lasting beauty of limestone creates a distinguished feel in the space.

Options For Bedrooms

The bedroom could use limestone on the floors since it is one of the most popular types of natural stone flooring on the market. It is soft under the feet so you won’t feel like you’re stepping on cold stone. You might also consider putting limestone on one or more walls for a historically rich appearance. Limestone walls make bedrooms look unique and stylish.

Options For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the home. If you put in limestone sinks, you can design them to perfection and place elegance at the center of the space. You can also use limestone tiles around bathtubs or showers to bring elegance into the space with ease.

Options For Entryways

If you really want to go all out with your limestone options, you could install a small fountain inside or outside of your entryway. Natural stone fountains are impressive wherever they are placed. If your stairs are visible from the entryway, you might want limestone materials on the stairs to create a grand entrance. Limestone columns are another impressive option you can place either inside or outside of your home.

Find Out Where Limestone Might Work For Your Home

Whether you want to decorate one room with limestone or have a little bit in every room, these ideas will give you a good start on adding elegance and style to the spaces. When you are looking for advice, contact the professionals at Impression. We have been working with limestone materials for years and we know just what works well in certain spaces. We can take a look at your home and goals and match your ideas to the perfect limestone custom home features. Together, we’ll make a beautiful difference in your home.