Limestone Sink

About Our Limestone and Marble Sinks

We are proud to design and create custom limestone and marble sinks. Our natural stone is imported from France and Italy for an authentic look and feel. We use state of the art tools and expert hand carving to ensure that your sink is made just the way you want. You can choose the color and type of the stone, tell us what design you desire and we will do the rest!

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Benefits of Limestone and Marble

Because limestone and marble are heat resistant and humidity resistant they are great natural stone materials to use for sinks. Whether you need kitchen or bathroom sinks, either of these materials is a fantastic choice. Besides that fact that they are very durable, they are also visually appealing. With lovely colors, elegant style and more, limestone and marble sinks create a beautiful aesthetics for your home.

More About Our Limestone Company

At Impression, we are passionate about crafting the ultimate home features that stand out from others. With our skills in traditional French hand carving and state of the art tools, we create superior custom pieces that make an impression. For design and craftsmanship that is unparalleled, you have come to the right place.

Sink into a luxurious lifestyle with our hand crafted, natural stone sinks. Contact us today to speak with our specialists and get started on your dream project.