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Backyard Remodel Ideas for 2021

Backyard Remodel Ideas for 2021

In recent years, people are reinventing the way they live life. Quarantining at home and remaining indoors has left people with a desire to be outside. They want to breathe fresh air, feel the sun on their skin, and hear the soothing sounds of wildlife. Homeowners are now prioritizing their backyard spaces, looking for any opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re looking to revamp your backyard, consider these top remodel ideas for 2021.   

Bring the Indoors Out

The biggest trend in 2021 is bringing interior design elements to your outdoor spaces. This could be as simple as using area rugs, decorative stone accents, and throw pillows on your patio or deck. You can even mix in lanterns or twinkle lights to add ambiance. But to really embrace the trend, consider upgrading your outdoor floors with terracotta, limestone, or marble tiles. A tiled floor will really make your outside space feel like an extension of the indoors.

Biophilic Patios 

“Biophilic design” is a fusion of hardscapes and natural elements. Landscapers use biophilic design to make outdoor living spaces blend in with the environment. You can easily incorporate this trend in your patio renovation. Choose natural stone pavers and set them far apart, allowing the grass to grow between the cracks. The combination of organic rock and greenery will create a natural aesthetic. 

Custom Stone Firepits

Firepits have maintained popularity for the last decade or so. There’s just something so cozy and inviting about a cracking fire out in the open air. While most people opt for a pre-made metal firepit, you can make your backyard stand out with a custom stone firepit. Natural stones, like limestone and marble, are naturally heat-resistant and won’t rust like metal. A natural stone firepit will bring warmth and elegance to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you’re planning to be outside as much as possible, you should consider installing an outdoor kitchen. Imagine a big sink and high-end grill nestled in an arrangement of marble countertops and sleek cabinetry. You could even include a small fridge and a tv while you’re at it. There’s nothing like grilling in the fresh air with a cold beverage and your favorite show or game.

Wandering Paths

Add meandering pathways around your backyard, through the garden, or even into the woods. Use a natural cleft stone with varying textures, shapes, and colors. These wandering walkways are less about function and more about style and atmosphere. They don’t even necessarily need to lead anywhere. Wandering paths bring charm and whimsy while also inspiring meditation and a sense of wonder.

Choose Impression For Your 2021 Backyard Remodel

Impression has served the South Bay area for over a quarter of a century. As a leading natural stone dealer, we’re up on the latest backyard design trends. We carefully curate each stone material, selecting the highest quality marble, limestone, or reclaimed terracotta. Our artisans then custom-make each piece, using hand-carving techniques and state-of the-art tools. If you can dream it, we can create it. To learn more about these backyard remodel trends and to get started on your home project, give us a call or visit our showroom. You’re going to love the unique and long-lasting beauty that our natural stone features bring to your backyard.