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5 Top Benefits of Marble Fountains

Why Marble Fountains Will Elevate Your Landscape

Marble fountains are significant features for superior landscape design. They add an element of beauty, luxury, and divine tranquility. If you want your home to be set apart, then marble fountains are key. Take a look at 5 reasons below to find out why marble fountains will benefit your landscape design.

1. Longevity

Marble is one of most durable natural stone materials, making it a perfect candidate for fountains. With a marble fountain, you will know that your home will have a special feature that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

2. Increased Value

Homes that have marble fountains in their landscape design will increase the value of your home. They increase curb appeal if they are out front, and they also promote quality family time. With outdoor features that soothe and relax your, you are more likely to spend time outdoors whether it’s during the day, at a family gathering, or a party you’re hosting. Fountains attract people because of their soothing sounds and aesthetic appeal.

3. Classic Beauty

Marble fountains have been popular for many centuries because of their beauty and source of water, the essence of life. Marble is one of the most desirable stones because of its unique and classic aesthetics.

4. Peaceful Atmosphere

Marble fountains not only create a beautiful atmosphere, but also have emotional and mental healing benefits. The sound of water is universally soothing and calming. Flowing water brings a sense of peace and rejuvenation. If you are looking for a lovely home features that will help aid in stress relief, then a marble fountain is just what you need. Prop up your feet, lie back and relax in the comfort of your own backyard with tranquil sound of trickling water.

5. Variety

Another benefit of fountains is that they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Marble has numerous shades of color from light to dark. If you want to make sure that your fountain is unique then a custom fountain is the answer.

Types of Marble Fountains

A huge benefit of custom fountains is that you can choose which style best suits your preference and lifestyle.

  • Contemporary fountains – These are designed to match your style and can be made as pedestal fountains or with modern statues, etc.
  • Landscape fountains – These are made to stand out. With delicate hand carving, they can suite any beautiful outdoor landscape.
  • Patio fountains – These are designed for your outdoor patio that are sure to grab attention. They are typically grand fountains that are hand carved with statues and other details such as sculptures that take you to another time and place.
  • Pedestal fountains – These fountains are sculpted with charming designs of your choice from animals, to statues, to classic patterns, etc. At the bottom of the statue is a basin for the water to flow into.
  • Tiered fountains – These fountains typically have three different levels called tiers. They provide a classic and elegant appeal.
  • Urn fountains – These fountains have a basin of water at the bottom. They can be styled to fit your preferences, including a tier and other decorative carvings.
  • Wall fountains – These are great for indoor or outdoor fountains. They are attached to the wall and can be a beautiful addition to your home’s design.
  • Waterfall fountains – These fountains create a spectacular atmosphere with thee overflowing water off of a tier, creating a waterfall effect. Elevate your backyard with the melodious sounds of this lavish fountain that is sure to impress.

Getting custom home features is always an advantage because you can ensure that your style and preference for your home features design is incorporated. We hope you find the marble fountain that you love to create the outdoor paradise of your dreams.