Marble Fountains

Our Marble Fountains

Marble fountains were a paramount feature in cities and homes in ancient European culture. Water that flowed from marble fountains in the cities were not only to create appealing aesthetics, but also were used to drink from. At Impressions, we import all of our marble from Italy and France, so that you can have an authentic European marble fountain.

Benefits of Marble Fountains

Marble is one of the most durable natural stones and is incredibly long lasting. Numerous buildings made from marble in ancient European history still stand today. Marble also comes in a variety of color, so that you find the color that suits your personal preferences. This natural stone material is always impressive and looks fantastic in the front of homes, or in your backyard or garden.

Custom Marble Fountains

There are a plethora of marble fountain designs. We can replicate your favorite designs, or create a custom look for you, depending on your preferences. With statues surrounding the fountain, ornate details, or a classic, elegant fountain, we can help you create the perfect marble fountain. By using state of the art tools and traditional French hand carving techniques, our fountains are unique and have that quality of excellence you are looking for.

Our Step-By-Step Process

Interested in our marble fountain services? Take a look at our quick, convenient and effective process below.

  1. Contact us before starting your project
  2. We will discuss your dream project and come up with a design
  3. Visit our showroom to select the stone color
  4. We’ll give you an estimate and start your project*

Create the relaxing and unique outdoor ambiance you want with exquisite marble fountains. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation today.

*Please note that we only create custom home features. We do not install them.