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7 Reasons You Need Marble Fountains

Benefits of Marble Fountains

Are you interested in marble fountains? Take a look below at the numerous benefits they offer!

1. Marble fountains create a tranquil environment

Every once in awhile you may have a long stressful day and will want a place where you can escape and relax. Having a marble fountain in your backyard will bring the soothing sounds of nature, running water, into the environment. Flowing water is known to produce calm, relaxing feelings that can help reduce stress. If you want to transform your backyard into a peaceful oasis where you can feel comfortable, then marble fountains are the perfect solution.

2. Marble fountains drown out nearby sounds

Do you have noisy neighbors, construction across the street, cars passing by, sirens or other noises around that are bothersome? With the trickling sound of a fountain, you can help drown out those sounds. Replacing unwanted noise with the soothing sound of your babbling fountain is a wonderful benefit.

3. You can choose the style you want

When it comes to creating a custom marble fountain, there are plenty of marble options. This makes it easy for you to match your home’s décor, style and architecture. Marble comes in many different colors and styles. You can decide which style suits you best from pedestal fountains, to contemporary fountains, to tiered fountains, to waterfall fountains, to urn fountains, and many more.

4. Marble fountains add character and charm

Decorative fountains have been widely used in Europe for centuries. Not only did they provide clean water for drinking, but were also made for adding a beautiful piece of architecture into towns and villages that were admired. While you may not drink from your fountain like they did in other cultures and civilizations, it will bring a unique and charming beauty to your outdoor landscape.

5. Marble fountains are good for animals

If you don’t use toxic cleaners (there are natural cleaners available) then marble fountains are fantastic for animals. Birds love bathing in fountains and it’s much better for their health as well. Birdbaths in puddles are not good for them because of bacteria that can grow; yet if there are clean fountains available to them, they will love taking their birdbaths there. Also, if you have a dog, they will have a place that they can rely on to always have a drink of water when they get thirsty.

6. Maintenance is easy

When you keep your fountain constantly running, it doesn’t get as dirty. There are simple natural solutions you can use every so often to keep it as clean as new. Check with your marble expert  to see what your options are and what they suggest.

7. Marble fountains helps with negative ions

With all the electricity and appliances we use, such as refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, computers, etc., excess positive ions are emitted. This can result in you feeling a decrease in energy. Yet, with an indoor fountain that is a source of negative ions, it can cleanse the air and help you feel more rested and energized. Indoor fountains can be any size you like and are easy to install. Wall fountains are a fantastic type of fountain for the indoors.

We hope that you find the perfect type of marble fountain for your home to increase your health and enhance your home’s aesthetics.