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3 Ways a Marble Fireplace Will Bring Your Living Room Together

3 Ways a Marble Fireplace Will Bring Your Living Room Together

For millennia, marble has charmed artists and architects alike. No other material can live up to its superior elegance. What you may not know is that marble has other benefits beyond its beauty. Nature designed marble to endure extreme temperatures. This natural heat-resistance makes marble the perfect medium for fireplace mantels and surrounds. It’s also easy to sculpt, allowing for endless shapes and design options. If you’re thinking about adding a fireplace to your living room or updating your current one, you should consider using marble. Here are 3 ways a marble fireplace can bring your family room or formal living space together.

A Marble Fireplace Will Create a Focal Point

For many living rooms, unfortunately, the television is the main attraction. That large, styleless piece of technology is the first thing that your eyes go to. Though tvs are a wonderful source of entertainment, they don’t particularly add personality or flair to the space. A marble fireplace can change this, standing as the new centerpiece of the living room. No matter what style you choose, a marble fireplace surround or mantel will attract attention. There’s just something so irresistible about smooth marble shimmering under the light of a crackling fire. You’ll barely notice anything else.

A Marble Fireplace Can Cozy-Up an Open Concept Floor Plan

If you have an open concept layout, your living room may share the same space with your foyer, kitchen, dining room, or den. This can make your house feel a little too spread out. It also can make it challenging to define each space. How can you visually separate your family room from your kitchen? A marble fireplace provides an opportunity to do just that. Using the fireplace as a focal point, arrange your living room furniture around it. The space will immediately feel cozy and purposeful. You can even match your fireplace to other areas of the house by incorporating marble wherever you see fit. It could be the kitchen countertops, a tabletop, or decorative accents.

A Marble Fireplace Can Tie in Your Design Theme

Marble comes in a wide variety of neutral shades and can be carved into any design you imagine. Since marble is so versatile, you can use it to really drive your design theme home. Choose a marble fireplace style that fits your vision. It could feature a sleek, contemporary tiled arrangement or even an ornately sculpted Victoran motif. Because marble fireplaces can be custom-made, you could even fashion an original design. 

Bring Your Living Room Together with a Marble Fireplace From Impression

At Impression, we design and build exquisite natural stone and marble fireplaces. Using traditional French hand-carving techniques and sophisticated stone-cutting machinery, our stone craftsmen can custom-create the fireplace of your dreams. SInce each piece is tailor-made, we can turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today or visit our showroom to see what an Impression marble fireplace can do for your living room.