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Will Marble Countertops Show Fingerprints?

Marble Makes The Perfect Countertop

When you get new countertops, the last thing you want is to have them fingerprinted and smudged all the time. You might find yourself wiping them down constantly. As you look into countertop surfaces, you might be interested in countertops that won’t fingerprint so you can avoid the constant maintenance. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as countertop materials that won’t show fingerprints at all. But there are ways to hide them and cut back on constant maintenance. Use these tips to get the right marble countertops.

Tip 1: Avoid Darker Colors

Dirt, fingerprints, and other debris will show more on stone colors that are darker. You will want to choose something light to moderate in color if you want to avoid showing absolutely everything.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Finish

The finish you choose will make a difference in how much shows as well. You might think a matte finish would help since it doesn’t reflect the light but a matte finish actually shows fingerprints more than glossy and polished surfaces. Lighter colors won’t show as much and glossy finishes are better as well.

Tip 3: Consider Leathered Finishes

The brushed finishes do more to hide fingerprints and other smudges. But it can also be worse with darker colors. These leather finishes look best on granite countertops and usually has a soft sheen to it. It is less shiny on a marble slab, but it can still hide quite a bit.

Tip 4: Go Glossy For Cooking

If you like to cook, a glossy finish on your marble countertops will do a better job of hiding fingerprints. Most fingerprints come from grease and that has a similar sheen to it as gloss so it will hide the fingerprints. They will still be there, but you won’t see them and notice them quite as much.

Tip 5: Test The Material

If you really want to avoid fingerprints as much as you can, test out the marble colors and materials in order to see what will work best for you. Take a few showroom samples home and see how it look in your light. Put some fingerprints on it and see how much it shows. Also, experiment with cleaning to help you see what having the marble in your home would be like. Different colors and finishes can work better in certain kitchens and lighting situations.

Get Help From The Marble Experts

The best way to find the variety you want so you are able to find just the right fit for all of your kitchen needs is to work with the experts at Impression. This marble company works with the material on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about the workmanship or quality you are getting for your space. Your kitchen is the heart of the home and you want something beautiful, highly functional, and low maintenance to keep things operating in the busiest space in your home. The marble professionals at Impression can help!