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Do You Need A Limestone Door Surround?

What Can A Limestone Door Surround Do For Your Home?

Limestone is a rock that forms at the bottom of the ocean. It has been used in famous buildings all over the world for centuries. The material is widely available and much more environmentally friendly than other options. Plus, all of the famous buildings that used it in their structure are still standing today because they are so durable. If you are looking to incorporate some elegance into your home, but you don’t want to replace countertops or floors, you might consider a limestone door surround. This dramatic item can bring your home up a level or two. Here are a few reasons you should consider a door surround made from limestone materials.

It Will Set Your Home Apart

Every home has doors and doorways, but very few include limestone door surrounds. Your home will look impressive and durable. Elegant, sophisticated homes have door surrounds and yours could be one of them. Door surrounds have been popular since Old World Europe, but you can bring their unique, ornate appeal into your home as well as part of a grand architectural design.

You Can Customize The Design

No two door surrounds have to be alike. When you are dealing with limestone, you can have something created that will fit into the architecture of your home with ease. Whether you have a modern, traditional, or European home, limestone can fit around the doors with elegance. Artisans can hand carve designs into the door surround and leave an impressive, original, and lasting touch on the limestone piece.

Limestone Is Low Maintenance

No one really wants to add anything to their home that will take a lot of extra work, but luckily, limestone doesn’t. The material is known for its beauty and durability, but it is also easy to clean with soap and water. The material resists bacteria and mold and you don’t have to worry about it holding onto dust, either. Limestone door surrounds can work inside or outside of your home since the weather won’t affect the material.

Limestone Is Long-Lasting And Durable

Beauty is the first thing you notice about limestone, but when you stop to think about the material, it is very long lasting and durable as well. It has been used in old buildings all over the world and they are all still standing today. If you want something that will go for generations and become a true part of your home, limestone door surrounds are a great option.

Get Started On The Design

If you are ready to take action on creating a limestone door surround for your home, you won’t regret it once the surround is in place, increasing the look and feel of your home by leaps and bounds. You’ll want to speak with the professionals at Impression first in order to get your limestone chosen and your goals met. We can design and create the perfect door surround for your home’s style so you can enjoy the material for years into the future.