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Cleaning Marble

Cleaning Marble

Protecting Your Marble

When you install that new marble countertop, floor, or wall, you want to make sure you protect that investment from a variety of things. Cleaning your marble will keep it looking as good as new for many years to come…centuries, even! When you purchase marble, you know you are making an investment and you are raising the value of your home. Marble doesn’t take much work, but you want to ensure proper care in order to keep it in good shape for its future. Here’s what you need to do in order to properly clean marble.

Seal It

The first thing you will have to do in order to protect your marble from the elements it may encounter is to seal it properly. That goes for marble flooring, fountains, walls, countertops, and everything in between. You will get sealant at the store and apply it to the surface of the marble. The sealant creates a layer between the marble and anything that might stain it. Marble is a durable stone, but it can stain if left unprotected. Keep the marble looking great and clean by protecting it from stains.

Clean Quickly

Marble is an elegant natural material, but if it has a stain on it, it loses some of its impact. If you want to keep it in perfect condition, clean up anything that gets spilled as fast as possible. In order to keep marble in immaculate condition, don’t let anything soak on the stone.

Use Marble Cleaner

If you have marble floors, mop with marble cleaners that are specifically made to work on natural stones. Whenever you mop your floors, use it. You can also wipe down marble walls and countertops with it. It will keep dust and dirt off the marble and it won’t allow those items to erode the marble. If you want any floor or countertop to shine and look nice, you have to clean it regularly. Using the marble cleaner is a simple way to ensure longevity and beauty.

Contact The Right Company

If you have any issues with cleaning your marble materials, you can contact Impression for help and advice. When you call us, you are calling experts in the marble material. We know how to work with marble and if you have a stain or another issue, we can give you advice on how to work it out. If you have not yet installed marble into your home, we can help with that as well. We offer customized options for every type of marble and you can choose the color, the location, the way it is carved, and other details. Marble is a beautiful, natural material and when you treat it right, it can outlast everything else in your home. Use our tips to clean and care for your marble and you’ll make it an investment that won’t fade away anytime soon. Marble has a way of giving a home an upgraded look, and with the right care, that upgrade can continue for generations in the future.