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Are Reclaimed Terracotta Floors Right For Your Home?

Reclaimed Terracotta Floors Can Be A Beautiful Addition For Many Homes

Reclaimed terracotta is a beautiful material that comes from clay and other natural materials. In Latin, terracotta translates to “cooked earth” and the texture and color can vary, but it usually has a warm, earthy tone to it. The tiles are taken from old structures and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The material is known for being unique in color, durable, and authentic. But that doesn’t mean reclaimed terracotta floors will fit into every home. Is it right for you? Ask yourself the following questions to make a final decision.

Do You Want To Add A Bit Of History In Your Home?

Reclaimed terracotta is a great material for a homeowner that wants to reflect culture and history within the home. These tiles have a unique European feel that looks good in many homes. They are practical and durable as well, but they bring an extra level of charm to the flooring that other tiles don’t have.

Do You Want A Long-Lasting And Durable Floor?

No one gets new flooring hoping to have to replace it again in a few years. If you really want the flooring to last, you’ll make sure the materials you purchase are durable and strong and won’t wear down. That’s just what reclaimed terracotta flooring will be like for you. Other than aesthetics, it’s one of the main reasons why homeowners get it for their floors. Not only can it withstand the test of time and heavy-foot traffic, but it is also soft and comfortable against bare feet. It really is the best of both worlds. And it has a proven track record since you can see it in Europe where it has been intact for hundreds of years.

Do You Want Something With Character?

Sometimes it is best to go with something neutral that won’t stand out in a home and that’s okay. But reclaimed terracotta has a way of drawing attention because of its beauty. It’s something that guests will admire and the distinct patterns are ones that often stand out. The colors range in tone and style and the warm look brings a certain charm to any space.

Do You Want Something Environmentally Friendly?

Being kind to the environment is more important now than it ever has been and reclaimed terracotta is super environmentally friendly. The tiles are minimally processed as recycled material. They are also cost-effective since they are not as expensive as other tiles. At the same time, they give a cultured, beautiful look.

Get Details On Reclaimed Terracotta Floors

If you are interested in new flooring and you have your eye on reclaimed terracotta, contact the professionals at Impression. We can go over the details with you and ensure that you are getting the look and feel you want for your home. Reclaimed terracotta is a beautiful, durable tile, but it might not be right for every home. We’re not afraid to give you our professional opinion on what will work best to meet your goals. We’ll help you through the entire project all the way through installation.