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Where To Place Limestone Outside The Home

Exterior Limestone Options

When it comes to your home, you often focus closely on the inside because that is what you see more often than anything else. You want the interior of your home to be beautiful and welcoming for you, your family, and any guests you have over the years. But in order to make your house truly the home of your dreams, you want to think about the exterior as well. The exterior of the house, after all, is what gives those who pass by the very first impression. Personalizing the exterior with certain accents and stone touches can make it elegant on a whole different level. Here are some options to consider.

Option 1: Tiles

When you think about tiles, chances are you picture the bathroom floors or the kitchen countertops. And while tiles certainly fit into those areas, they gave give the exterior of your home a whole new look as well. Limestone is a durable material that maintains its appearance for years, even in bad weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about them aging, even when they are on the exterior of your home. You can use them to decorate the whole front of the house, or just one accent area.

Option 2: Columns

If you really want to make a statement of elegance, consider limestone columns around the entrance of your home. They are beautiful and give an illusion of grandeur and space. Mediterranean-style homes often have columns and they can make quite an impact. Columns are classic in style and have never gone off the trend. You can get custom limestone columns that fit in perfectly with your home. This investment will even increase the value of your home while making a big impact in its appearance.

Option 3: Fountains

While you may already love the look of your garden, adding a fountain to the exterior of your home can give it a finishing touch you didn’t know was missing. A fountain brings a calm, serene feeling to your yard and allows you to enjoy the space that much more. If you don’t have a garden, you can put a fountain in anyway and enjoy the trickling sound in the front or back of your house whenever you please.

Option 4: Walls

If you like the natural look, but you need walls around flowerbeds, trees, or in other areas of your yard, limestone walls are the perfect solution. With mismatched stones, you get that natural feel that is both artsy and elegant and you can incorporate style to every aspect of the exterior with ease.

Customize Your Project

If you have other ideas for limestone on the exterior of your home (the options are virtually endless!) contact Impression to work on creating the appearance you’ve always wanted. We can customize any limestone creation to suit your style preferences, whether you want a pool deck, a tiled patio, a fountain, or anything in between. Let’s make your home elegant and personal starting from the outside!