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Minimize The Cost Of Marble Countertops

Keeping Costs Down

When you are planning a kitchen renovation, countertops are high on your list of priorities. Marble countertops are elegant, beautiful, and valuable. But you may be concerned about the price tag. There are a few things you can do in order to minimize the cost of your countertop installation so you can afford the marble materials you really want. These small things will give installers the chance to do what they do best in a timely, efficient manner without the price hike. You may not want to DIY all the way through when it comes to countertops, especially with marble materials, but you can prepare the space well to make the process faster, easier, and less expensive.

Remove Sink

Shut the water supply off to your sink and faucet underneath and disconnect the water supply lines from the valves. Remove the sink lines and have a bucket nearby in case any water is still trapped. You will loosen the clamps underneath that hold the sink to the countertop. Using a knife, cut through the caulk seal between the sink and current countertop and pull the sink out. Some sinks are heavy so be careful when lifting.

Disconnect Appliances

You will also want to disconnect and remove any appliances that are sitting beneath or near the countertops. Removing the appliances yourself saves time for the installers, which will give them an opportunity to focus on their installation job.

Remove Countertop

You could even remove the old countertop by taking out the screws that hold it in place. Then, lift the countertop off the cabinets. You might need a pry bar to do so. Be careful that you do not damage any of the cabinets if they are going to be in use for the new counter installation.

Allow Measuring

Allow the professionals to come in and measure the space. Keep in mind that your marble countertops might have to be ordered so if you do your jobs beforehand, it could be a while before the new counter is in place. The professionals will take a template of your countertops and mark the marble for cutting once it arrives. When they bring the pieces in, they can place them and adjoin them with ease. They will then apply sealants to complete the process.

Saving Time With Impression

You likely don’t want to go all the way DIY when it comes to marble countertops, but if you can do a few things in advance, you can save money on the installation. The other way to save is to look at installation as an investment in quality. When you hire Impression, you get nothing but the best craftsmanship. Having marble countertops will raise the value of your home. Having marble that is beautifully and properly installed will take your home farther up the scale. Invest in your home by having elegant marble installed by the professionals at Impression!