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Outdoor Limestone Placement

If you love the look and feel of limestone in a house, imagine what it can do for the exterior of a home when placed properly. Just as there are many places you can use limestone inside, there are plenty of things you can do with limestone outside your home. Here are a few places to consider using limestone.

Patio Tiles

Limestone makes a great floor inside your home, but it can also pave your patio nicely. Limestone is a hardy material that is both beautiful and durable. You will feel like you have a true, finished outdoor living space when you have limestone tiles paving the patio. You can also use it for a walkway to the garden and in a number of other areas.

Outdoor Fireplace

If you have an outdoor kitchen that includes a fireplace, using limestone to surround the fireplace will give it an elegant, ornate feel. Limestone doesn’t mind heat and won’t show burn marks so it is perfect for those outdoor living spaces that include fireplaces.


Whether you want to have a grand entrance to your garden or just a grand entrance on the front of the house, columns made from limestone can do that for you. Columns show off style and grandeur and they can be customized in the size and height you choose.


There’s nothing better than the sound of trickling water from the beautiful fountain in your backyard. When you get a limestone fountain, you can customize the details and get something truly remarkable. The fountain will quickly become the centerpiece for your yard and the focal point every time you step out there to relax.

Making The Decision

There are plenty of other things you can do with limestone, but you don’t want to overdo it either. Think through the interior of your house and try to extend the same style outside into the rest of your yard. Limestone is a natural material that looks great in any color, but you will want to consider the color of your house and your landscaping when incorporating it outside. There are enough options that anyone can find something to match or contrast nicely. Once you know what things you want in limestone outside, it’s time to contact the limestone company.

Working With A Limestone Company

You can get limestone from a number of places, but when you work with a true limestone company, it’s easier to get exactly what you want. A limestone company will have plenty of color options and they will be able to customize your piece to make it unique and everything you need. When working with a limestone company, you get options and expertise with the material of your choice. There are professionals to answer any questions you have about limestone with certainty and you don’t have to worry about the quality of the natural material or the way it is handled during your project. Contact Impression to learn more about limestone and how to incorporate it into your outdoor living space.