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Intricate purple marble slab

The Many Uses of Marble

Beautiful, Multi-Functional Marble

Marble is a beautiful, multi-functional stone that can make your home or office a better place. Marble has long been regarded as a mark of distinction, and can be found in use in the most beautiful high houses of Europe, making a subtle, sophisticated statement of both wealth and honor. Though most marble isn’t the signature grey-veined white, the white with fine grey fingers has become the symbol of marble, and indeed, what most people think of when they think of marble. Marble is made when limestone, a coalescence of the shells of animals, is pressed under extreme heat for several hundred years. What emerges is a beautiful rock that can be easily manipulated while raw, but hardens to a point on which everyday wear and tear won’t have any effect. Here’s a list of some of the most common uses of this beautiful stone.

Beautiful Floors and Entryways

Marble entryways are a surefire way to make a positive and strong first impression on anyone that walks through your door. When someone walks into your home to see all of that gorgeous marble, you will be showered with compliments and you’ll probably get to brag about how little work it is to maintain. A marble entryway leaves a definite impression on the people around you, and makes your everyday life just a little more luxurious. If you’re someone that loves to both impress guests and enjoy a luxurious home, then marble entryway and floors are the way to go.

Unforgettable Countertops

Marble is expected on floors and walls, but less so for countertops. For countertops, though, marble is terribly underutilized. Just think of how great marble is in the entryway when you’re coming in and out of your home. Now imagine that same luxury in your kitchen,  where most people spend most of their time. In addition to their beauty, marble countertops make sense. Choosing marble countertops is a practical investment that will maintain the value of your home while making cooking and cleaning easier for everyone.

Wine Coolers

Marble is a type of stone, meaning that it can tolerate temperature extremes, and even act as a conductor. Because of this, marble wine coolers are available at some high-end stores for purchase. A marble wine cooler can go on ice, or ice can be placed within. After placing the wine on ice, you are only twenty minutes away from a relaxing evening. Marble also makes for fantastic chilled tumblers for wine, or any drink you enjoy.

Mortar and Pestle

Given the incredible durability of marble, it’s no wonder that some have found other uses for it, including for more labor-intensive tasks, like grinding herbs and spices. Marble mortar and pestles make excellent conversation pieces while fulfilling a practical purpose that will make your food taste divine.   

Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are an icon in refined English culture, making appearances in the form of Big Ben, and the hundreds of thousands of smaller, though no less majestic, grandfather clocks all over the world. Usually made of wood, it is not unusual for one of these cultural symbols to be made of marble, and then trimmed in gold. A marble grandfather clock would make a fine addition to any living room in need of an upgrade. If you’re looking for the stone that will take your home from an 8 to a 10, choose marble.