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Going Green: Impression and the Environment

Keeping Impact to a Minimum

From the beginning, Impression was dedicated to reducing the social and environmental impact associated with our quarries and processing facilities. We understand that the planet has reached a critical point, and caring about our interactions with the Earth is integral to preserving ecological systems for future generations. Take a look at how Impression is making a difference!

Social Impact

People are part of the planet, and examining Impression’s green efforts includes noting how we help our employees. Alongside suppliers, Impression is constantly searching for better ways to improve our workers’ health and safety, as well as respecting our neighboring communities.

Reducing Waste

Reduce, reuse, recycle should be done in that order, and Impression recognizes the importance of reducing waste wherever possible. Our drilling machines are equipped with dust containment systems. These keep particulate matter out of the air around our quarries, which would otherwise damage the respiratory systems of surrounding life. Waste such as oils, tires, metals, wood, plastic, and paper are sorted and recycled appropriately. No business is entirely waste-free, but that has not stopped Impression from trying our hardest to reduce it. In addition, all of our pallets come from either recycled plastic or sustainably-sourced wood.

Reducing Noise

When people think of pollution, byproduct trash tends to come to mind first. In addition to fighting physical waste, Impression believes that light and noise pollution should be kept to a minimum as well. The close proximity of our quarries to processing facilities minimizes transport traffic and noise disturbances to populated areas. Electric manufacturing machines have replaced old diesel ones, which tend to be far quieter. Moreover, the latest in explosive manufacturing is short-delay blasting caps that eliminate vibrations in the air (which would otherwise cause sound) during quarry extraction.

Reducing Energy

Impression is committed to reducing the energy necessary to produce our high-quality products at every step along the way. We make sure to keep processing facilities near the quarries we use, reducing fuel used in transportation. When possible, our loading and handling equipment run on electric energy or natural gas, reducing air pollution. Where diesel compressors were commonplace in the industry, Impression has replaced them with fixed electric ones that reduce energy consumption.

Returning Quarries

When working quarries are closed, they’ll be repurposed. Smaller quarries are filled with earth, and returned to agricultural use. Larger quarries are banked, and become reservoirs or small lakes for recreational use. Turning quarries into a type of natural state allows nature to flourish, and lessens the impact of the quarry on the surrounding ecosystem in the long run. One day, these filled quarries may form new natural resources of their own – though it won’t be for a couple thousand years. Until then, we let the land heal!

Choosing Materials Wisely

Impression is known for our use of limestone, and there’s certainly a reason we use it! Limestone has a low carbon impact due to the small energy footprint used to create it, especially in comparison to other natural stones. Additionally, limestone is extremely durable and has a long term life cycle. In lasting, limestone is less likely to be replaced, which slows down the depletion of natural resources, energy, and byproduct waste.

Choose Impression

Impression is a stand-out masonry company in more ways than one. Not only do we pride ourselves on absolutely stunning artisanal custom home features, but everything we do is rooted in caring for our customers, our planet, and everything in between.

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