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What Makes A Good Limestone Company

Choosing an Eco-friendly Limestone Company

When it comes to going green and keeping your home remodel environmentally friendly, there are a few things you should be conscious about. While you might be aware of the usual suspects like energy efficient lighting and appliances, installing solar panels, and adding flow reducers for sinks and showers, we have some other ideas that might help you make your remodel even more green. From choosing the right eco-friendly professionals to knowing where your demolition debris is being disposed, to choosing materials that are environmentally conscious and friendly.  Here are some great tips and tricks to help you remodel with limestone, marble, or terracotta and transform your home to a green living paradise.

Hire Environmentally Friendly Professionals

Impression has worked very hard to earn its top spot as a Limestone Company. They have always been very concerned and aware of their social and environmental impact, which is one of the major reasons they continue to gain in popularity. Together with their suppliers, they are constantly searching for better ways to reduce waste, recycle and respect their neighbors and the environment. They also are on a continuous mission to improve workers’ health and safety.

Know Where Demolished Materials Are Going

When you’re about to go into a full-on home remodel, you might want to take into consideration what happens to the waste from demolishing chimneys, walls, and other structures. Obviously the less waste, the better. However, most of the time waste from a remodel is unavoidable. Talk to your contractor or limestone company about ways to repurpose this material. You might have extra materials that would make for great walkways or flower bed borders.

Materials That Are Eco-Friendly

Some materials that are more eco-friendly include:

  • Durable materials are great if you are focusing on making environmentally (and financially) conscious choices with your building or remodeling materials. They last longer so you won’t need to replace them as often, saving you from both spending more money and also going through more valuable resources from the earth.  
  • Low or no-voc paints. Normal paints release poisonous and volatile organic compounds (vocs) into your home; however, non-voc paints, sealers, and caulks are the way to go to protect the environment in a home remodel.
  • Reclaimed terracotta tiles make a great addition to any kitchen, bathroom or outdoor porch remodel. This eco-friendly product is readily available from Impression in a variety of colors and designs. All the way from Burgundy and Provence, France, our reclaimed terracotta can add a lot of character to any room in your home.

Impression also stocks the latest and greatest when it comes to environmentally friendly materials, like our limestone. Their ongoing efforts as a limestone company begins with sourcing limestone from quarries that use the latest generation of cutting explosives using short-delay blasting caps that eliminates all vibrations in the air. The vast majority of drilling machines are equipped with dust containment systems, so you get products that have less environmental impact as a whole.