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Limestone Or Ceramic Tile Flooring?

Limestone Or Ceramic Tiles?

When you are looking into new flooring for a certain area of your home, you have a lot of different options. If you know you want something that looks like stone, you may want to consider either limestone or ceramic tiles. But which one is better? How do you decide between the materials? Use these pros and cons to help you decide which one is the best option for your home.


Limestone is a stunning material that is a naturally occurring rock. It is used in building and construction material because it is beautiful and highly durable. It comes in many different natural shades and tones, which makes it a suitable floor for many different home situations. With the right seal, it won’t stain or scratch and hardly ever shows any wear, even in high traffic areas.

Limestone Pros

Limestone can add warmth to the floor, whereas ceramic tiles are much colder and more sterile. The stone makes a great flooring material and is highly versatile because of its softness. It can be installed in slabs, bricks, planks, or tiles. Limestone flooring is highly attractive, long-lasting, and even non-slip for safety with pets and children. Limestone is well known for its timeless, rustic, earthy appeal and it is one of the most popular stones in homes. It has a soothing quality when you walk on it and since it lasts so long, it may be the longest lasting product in your home.

Limestone Cons

You have to maintain the seal on limestone so it will not erode. That means there is a little maintenance to do on it from time to time.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are created from clay and are fired, glazed, and fired again. They are very heat resistant, which makes them great for flooring, countertops, and more. They are a harder stone, which is more difficult to cut and harder to polish. This man made product does not come from natural stone, like limestone. It can come in a number of tailor made colors and textures so it is easy to customize.

Ceramic Tile Pros

This non-porous material won’t absorb any moisture so if you spill on it, there are no stains. Ceramic is durable and resists hot and cold temperatures without showing any damage. They are resilient and make good flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and other high traffic areas. Ceramic tiles are also hygienic since they resist bacteria and other germs. They are easy to clean to keep things in an orderly manner.

Ceramic Tile Cons

Installing ceramic tiles is not easy and requires a professional job or a lot of research in order to get it done right. There is grouting to do and that also has to be sealed in order to keep it clean. Ceramic tiles can also crack and chip if you drop something on them.

The Right Option

There’s no one right option for every home, but limestone is one choice that increases the value of your home in monetary and aesthetic manners. Take a look at the limestone colors and properties closer before making a final decision. Many times, it’s the clear winner.