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Create a New Look and Decorate Your Home with Marble

Creating A New Look For Your Home With Marble

New home construction or large renovation projects can be an exciting time for any homeowner. You get to be part of creating something that will end up being truly unique, and it will serve as a reflection of your own personality and sense of style. When you really put in the time and effort to finding the right projects and the right building materials, you’ll have an end product that any homeowner will be envious of.

Bringing Marble Into Your Home

A growing trend among homeowners, and especially those in the greater Los Angeles area, is the utilization of more classic stone such as marble as a building material for their custom home features. Limestone is also a popular choice that you’ll see from time to time, but both demonstrate a refined approach to decor that can’t be matched by other means. If you’re unfamiliar with why marble is such a sought after material for homeowners, here are some important things to know about this classic stone.

Understanding Marble

Marble is what’s known as a “metamorphic stone”, which means it’s formed due to intense levels of heat or pressure. As a stone, it’s unique due to the slightly porous composition which in turn leads to staining. This is a recognizable look that you’ll find on most marble features. In terms of where marble comes from, the answer is all over the world! You can find quarries in North America, Europe, and Asia. Italy is the world leader when it comes to marble production, accounting for nearly ⅕ of the entire market. Many artisans elect to have marble shipped from a particular quarry depending on what type of color and consistency they need for a project.

How Does Marble Get Its Unique Appearance?

Nearly any marble home feature will come with some sort of finish, since it’s a slightly porous building material (not 100% solid all the way through). Because of this composition, etching occurs naturally as marble reacts to acids. This creates the randomized lines, or “etchings”  that you can get a glance at on nearly any type of marble countertop. The contrast of the light marble with the darker etching will lead to a truly unique addition in you home.

What About Upkeep?

Marble is relatively easy to clean and maintain, but any owner should be mindful to perform regular upkeep. Firstly, when you have marble installed, you should decide if you want to have it sealed right away. Due to the porous nature of marble, if you don’t seal it, you will see stains and etchings much quicker than if you did seal it. In terms of cleaning, it’s relatively straightforward once you know what to do. Start by spraying warm water and dish soap on the marble and wipe down with a clean rag. For more aggressive stains, a paste made from baking soda and water that’s left overnight will usually do the trick after a few applications.

Finding The Right Artisans To Install Your marble Home Features

If you’re interested in having marble installed at your home, you need to be working with an experienced and reputable company that can provide high quality work. With so many marble features available, from countertops to fireplaces, you will have plenty of ways to enhance the style of your home.

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