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Why You Should Consider a Stone Sink

All of The Reasons You Should Consider a Stone Sink

Redoing your bathroom or kitchen, one of the first things on your wish list should be a stone sink. Stone sinks capture the elegance and beauty of natural stone while providing an every-day fixture that is worth its money due to frequent use. There are plenty of reasons to choose a stone sink over man-made materials, which is why Impression chooses to work with limestone and marble! Read on to see all of the reasons why a stone sink can benefit you and your home.

Stone Sinks Are Stunning

If aesthetics are a priority, look no further than a stone sink! Stone sinks, depending on their model, can resemble art pieces. Even in simpler silhouettes, stone sinks provide simple elegance and an eye-catching centerpiece to a vanity. Are you the type of person to redo the interior design of your home frequently? Worry not! Stone sinks are adaptable, and tend to match any style no matter which color or pattern you choose.

Stone Sinks Are Durable

Like other stone options, stone sinks are extremely durable when compared to their man-made counterparts. Stone sinks are inherently resistant to damage, whether that be temperature, pressure, or otherwise. Most sinks are placed in high-traffic areas, which means that this durability is essential! When you choose a stone sink, you can rest assured that it will last a long time, no matter the wear-and-tear applied, so long as you keep it maintained!

Stone Stinks Are Affordable

Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised by the affordability of stone stinks. Despite their fashionable style and long-lasting qualities, stone stinks fit the budget, sometimes even being cheaper than stainless steel or other options. This lower price tag makes sinks not only affordable, but an incredible investment, which leads us to our next point…

Stone Stinks Are an Investment

When it comes to enhancing the value of your home, a stone sink can certainly help. Stone sinks are worth a lot, even when their making and installation doesn’t break the bank. Homebuyers see stone home features as not only valuable, but ever-lasting. The need to install stone on their own is removed, and that hassle-free experience is worth so much. Of course, there’s the added benefit that homebuyers also tend to find stone sinks beautiful as well as practical.

Stone Sinks Are Low Maintenance

Stone sinks will require the maintenance you’d expect from stone, including specialty cleaners specific to their stone’s chemical makeup and regular sealing. Sealing is usually done every few months or annually, depending on your sink material. It can and should be done a tad more often if your sink experiences higher traffic, like in a home with a larger family. Beyond that, though, you’ll find stone sinks super low maintenance! Some stone materials are naturally anti-bacterial, which only heightens stone’s ability to stay clean.

Stone Sinks From Impression

Our team of artisans at Impression is proud to design and create custom stone sinks out of marble and limestone. All of our natural stone is imported from quarries in France and Italy to ensure top-quality stone from only the best areas it’s available. To get started on your own custom stone sink, simply contact Impression today! All you need to do is meet with us, choose your stone color, tell us what type of design you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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