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Are Marble Sinks Durable?

Are Marble Sinks Durable?

It’s easy to overlook your sink. It’s a practical element of any kitchen or bathroom but not typically the main attraction. However, given the opportunity, the sink can be the headliner of a space. Metal or enamel sinks are useful but they won’t bring the wow factor. A marble sink, on the other hand, is like a functional work of art. Smooth as silk and prized for its unique veining, marble is sure to draw the eye. Its carvable nature also allows for sculptural shapes and artful engravings. There’s no doubt that a marble sink will be eye-catching; but is it durable enough to withstand everyday use?

What is Marble?

When a sedimentary stone undergos intense heat and pressure, it forms the metamorphic rock we know as marble. Like other natural stones, marble is temperature-resistant and built to withstand the elements. If it’s strong enough for nature, it will be durable enough for a sink. However, marble is also porous and rates a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale. These characteristics make it easy to sculpt but can present some challenges in home use. Since it’s prone to staining and scratching, marble requires special coatings and sealants. These treatments protect the stone and make it more water-resistant. 

How are Marble Sinks Made?

Like all natural stones, marble begins its journey at a quarry. Impression selects imported marble from quarries in France and Italy. Our craftsmen use state-of-the-art tools and expert hand-carving techniques to shape the marble into a desired form. Since sinks hold water, they cannot have any cracks or seams of any kind. For this reason, we craft our sinks out of a single block of marble. And thanks to its sculptable nature, we can custom-create almost any shape and design imaginable.

Are Marble Sinks Easy to Maintain?

Yes. With a little education, you’ll find that it’s simple to care for your natural marble sink. To avoid staining, wipe up food, soap, and product spills immediately. Do not use common household cleaners or abrasives. Clean with a soft, damp cloth or a pH-balanced natural stone cleaner. To further protect your marble sink, regularly reapply a sealant according to manufacturer recommendations.

How Long Do Marble Sinks Last?

High-quality marble can last thousands of years. In fact, you can find marble structures still standing amongst the ruins of ancient Greece and Rome. Marble is dense and durable. With proper care, your marble sink could outlive you. However, if you don’t maintain it, it will quickly dull, stain, and dent.

Impression Marble Sinks Are Both Beautiful and Durable

If you’re considering a natural stone sink for your kitchen or bathroom renovation, you can trust Impression to deliver. Our artisans are equipped with the skills and tools to make your dream sink into a reality. Each sink is custom-made to your specifications, using only the highest quality marble available. Contact us or visit our showroom to start your marble sink project today.