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Best Limestone Features For Fall

Custom Limestone Features

As the seasons change and you start to feel the crisp, fall weather in the air, this could be a good time to add a little something to your home before winter hits. There are a number of home features that can give your home the beautiful atmosphere you want throughout the fall season and even winter. Home is a place to unwind and with custom limestone features, this could help bring serenity and peace. Custom features that are unique to your home can bring a new style that inspires you in a number of ways. Features that also bring comfort in the fall are always a bonus. Here are a few custom home features you might consider adding to your home this fall:

Limestone Door Surrounds

Most homeowners do spring cleaning, but fall is a great time to make changes to the home before the holidays. When you put in limestone door surrounds, every guest that enters your home will notice. Limestone door surrounds create a dramatic entrance that gives off a magnificent appeal, without the stress of a large remodeling project. In doing so, you will raise the value and appeal of your home by including this simple addition.

Limestone Countertops

There are many things you can do in your kitchen or bathrooms to make a change. Most importantly, countertops are often the focal points of the two since they are used so heavily in both locations.  Limestone countertops are durable and work well in both bathrooms and kitchens, but they also have that elegant beauty that makes them stand out. Get the countertops installed before the winter hits and you can enjoy them when guests stop by for the holidays.

Limestone Fireplaces

If you love huddling around a warm fireplace during the winter and even fall months, you might want to consider a limestone fireplace. Fireplaces are a go-to for relaxation especially when it gets colder outside. When you install a limestone fireplace, you can keep warm and comfortable, while personalizing the room to your specific taste and design. A limestone fireplace can be hand carved into any style to make it unique to your home. It can come in a variety of colors, which can bring a natural beauty to the space.

Limestone Flooring

Your floors may need to handle heavy traffic since plenty of feet shuffle over them in slippers during the fall months. Limestone is durable and natural, making it a great choice for floors. When you have a seal on it, it looks beautiful, elegant, and stands up nicely against anything it has to endure. You can use limestone inside, but it also makes a nice patio flooring outside since it resists mold when you care for it correctly.

Impression Can Help

If you see a custom feature you want to install into your home this fall, Impression can help set your home apart. No concept is too large or small for us to customize to make your vision come to life.