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The Secret To Limestone’s Strength Is In How It’s Made

A Majesty: Millions Of Years In The Making

Limestone is one of the most popular building materials on the market, and for good reason, as it’s extremely strong and long-lasting. But did you ever stop to think why this celebrated mineral is so durable? The secret lies in how it’s formed – and it’s thanks to a process that takes its sweet time.

What Is Limestone Made Of?

Limestone is what’s known as a “sedimentary” rock, meaning that it’s formed from the accumulation of other organic and stone materials that have been fused together over time. In limestone’s case, this sediment includes marine fossils, such as shells and coral. That’s because millions of years ago, the areas where limestone forms used to be underwater, but as the water receded, the silt and fossils remained fused together – and they’ve had a lot of time to harden. If you’ve ever wondered why massive pillars don’t crumble or topple over more often, the answer is simple – they’re made of limestone!

What Makes Limestone Special?

Think about all of the coral and seashells you’ve seen in your life. What do they have in common? For one thing, they come in unique colors, and this pigmentation helps lend natural beauty to the stone. When you add limestone flooring to your home, for example, you’re not just adding a sturdy foundation – you’re also walking on millions of years’ worth of ocean decoration.

A Material That Stands The Test Of Time

A mineral that can withstand millions of years of abuse from water and wind is a valuable resource indeed, and humans have long known of limestone’s durability. For example, the casing used to build the Great Pyramid of Giza used quite a bit of limestone, and it still stands today as a massive monument to the rock’s staying power.

If it can survive Egypt’s harsh climate, limestone is certainly hardy enough to handle anything you can throw at it. If you have children, pets, or just a tendency to be a little clumsy, adding limestone features to your home is a great way to ensure that your investment will last, no matter how long you plan on living there.

Beauty That Lasts Nearly Forever

It can be easy to forget just how long this Earth has been around, and just how much history we take for granted every day. If you want a daily reminder of the incredible journey this planet’s been on, adding limestone to your home will give you a breathtaking monument to Mother Nature’s beauty.

If you want your home to enjoy the radiance and permanence that only time-tested limestone can provide, we would love to help you find the custom features that are perfect for you.