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7 Top Interior Design Trends

The Importance of Marble In Interior Design

Modern interior design trends emerge and disappear with each passing year. Yet, classic interior design tactics and principles will remain constant even as new technology appears. The perfect example of this is marble: it is a natural stone material that will always remain a timeless beauty. Yet, if you also like integrating new trends into your home design, take a look below at a few examples for trends this coming New Year.

1. Spectacular Ceilings

Unique ceilings such as abstract paintings, architecture, and even LED lights are a popular trend in modern or traditional interior design. Looking for inspiration? Houzz offers a fantastic range of photos to find your perfect design.

2. Source Artisan Goods

Obtaining local finds by artisans is a fantastic way to decorate your home with beautiful, authentic pieces. Whether you are looking for basketry, crochet, tassels, macramé, and more, these trends are emerging and have the best quality and uniqueness when they come from local artists. For example, if you want authentic French hand carving for one of your custom home features, finding artisans who specialize in limestone and marble craftsmanship is essential.

3. Outdoor Living

Bringing the outdoors in is another trend that has been popular this year and will continue into the New Year. Ideas for bringing the outdoors in include adding small plant life throughout your home and water features, such as wall fountains or even small pedestal fountains on your patio or entryway, etc.

4. Open Living Spaces

Wide open space with floor to ceiling glass, so that you can look out to a beautiful view produces a feeling of openness and let’s the natural sunlight in. Whether you want to create that open feel in your bedroom or living room, having a glass wall or windows will provide that atmosphere.  

5. Marble Custom Home Features

Because marble is a classic natural stone it will always be popular. From marble stairs, to marble fountains, to marble columns, to marble fireplaces and much more, custom home features that are made with marble are made to last and impress.  

6. Eco Friendly and Sustainable

The new heart of design trends in 2016 is using sustainable materials. Think reusing, recycling, and repurposing. One of the greatest ways to determine eco friendly materials is to look into environmental impacts. Marble, limestone and terracotta are eco friendly material as they are reusable, natural and have the least negative effect on the environment.

7. Kitchen Design

The kitchen has often been referred to as the heart of the home. That is because it is typically the most visited room in your household. Your kitchen is a place where family and friends should all feel welcomed to gather, eat and relax. Because kitchens are not only a place to eat, but also entertain, they should have a design that is both beautiful and functional. The new design for kitchens include functionally in smart storage, lower cabinets, shelving, and other technological advances such as charge ports for devices.

Bright colors and glassy finishes are also popular trend for kitchens in 2016. Whether you choose a modern, traditional, Old World European design, or otherwise, classic home features such as limestone countertops or kitchen hoods will always elevate any kitchen design.