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Maintaining the Shine of your Marble

4 Steps to Maintaining Your Marble

Your Marble May Need Maintenance

If you have marble in your house, you need to know how to clean, protect, and maintain it so it can keep looking great. Chemicals, stains, and scratches are both unsightly and they hurt the overall value of your piece, especially on something like a marble fireplace. Want to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you? Here are four steps that you can take to prevent your marble from getting permanently damaged.

1. Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda and water mix together to create a powerful solution that can remove even the worst chemical compounds from your marble. Apply just a little bit of pressure with a cloth, and scrub the solution onto your marble. Then wait for at least two hours for it to dry and spray it with clean water. Use a dry cloth to get rid of any pesky residue after the job is done, and then you’re good to go. Do this periodically to keep your marble in tip top shape.

2. Clean immediately

Stains are going to happen, especially if you have marble countertops. It’s important to maintain marble by cleaning up any stains that happen as quickly as possible before they compromise and stain the natural stone. If you have a stain that’s particularly grimey and difficult to remove, use hydrogen peroxide to loosen it up before you scrub it.

3. Know Your Stains

Different stains need to be cleaned in different ways. For the most part, you should be able to clean most stains by using a hydrogen peroxide solution. For some stains though, like water spots and rings, you need to buff with steel wool in order to get the stain out.

4. Use Marble Polish

To get the shine that you want for your marble, you need to incorporate marble polish into your cleaning process. Simply wait for the marble to dry after cleaning and then apply marble polish to the surface. You’ll get the brilliant shine that you want.

5. Avoid Acid

Acidic cleaning solutions like lemon juice and vinegar can damage your marble. For the most part, when maintaining your marble you should be able to use water and a soft cloth for most stains. Adding in hydrogen peroxide during dire times is great, but for the most part you should steer clear of other cleaners.

6. Use Sealer

Once a month, in order to reduce stains and etching, you should use a sealer on your marble. This keeps stains from penetrating your marble and staining.  By doing this, you’re effectively maintaining your marble by giving it its own shield for protection. Most people report this effectively keeps stains from seeping into the marble and permanently damaging it.

Keep Your Marble Immaculate

Make sure that your marble stays immaculate to give off the impression that you want your guests to have. Marble can be difficult to maintain if you don’t know how to do it correctly. However, if you take the time to maintain your marble, you should be able to get the brilliant shine that you want. By following these steps, you can maintain your marble, keeping it looking great for years and years to come.

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