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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Reclaimed Terracotta

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Reclaimed Terracotta

Italian for “baked earth,” terracotta is essentially an earthenware formed from iron-rich clay and heat. Since the beginning of civilization, terracotta has wowed the world with its strength, beauty, and accessibility. Even to this day, architects and designers choose this fired clay material for anything from flower pots to roof tiles. Because of its longevity, terracotta can be recycled and repurposed for new uses. 

At Impression, we offer an intriguing selection of salvaged terracotta tiles. Now, you may be wondering, “Why bother with recycled terracotta tiles when I can easily purchase new ones?” The truth is, refurbished terracotta has its own unique set of benefits. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using reclaimed terracotta for your project:

1. Reclaimed Terracotta is Uniquely Beautiful

Terracotta has a rich history. For millennia, it has adorned artitecture, artwork, and pottery from all over the world. There’s no debate about its beauty. It’s rust-red hue is both alluring and iconic. Though new terracotta can add a Mediterrean aesthetic to your space, only reclaimed terracotta will bring a true old-world flair. Salvaged from old structures in Burgundy and Provence, France, our refurbished terracotta can transport your home to another time. 

Each reclaimed terracotta tile is hand-formed and naturally aged, boasting its own distinct personality. Since the iron content and weathering varies from tile to tile, it’s also common to see a wide range of colors and textures. If you’re lucky, you may even find tiles with hand-painted images or designs. These characteristics make reclaimed terracotta unique and charming. No two tiles are exactly the same.

2. Reclaimed Terracotta is Long-Lasting

As with most natural building materials, terracotta is exceptionally long-lasting, durable, and resilient. Archaeologists have actually uncovered terracotta artifacts dating back thousands of years! It’s fireproof, weather-proof, impervious to temperature changes, and tolerant of salty coastal air. It’s also resistant to mold, bacteria, rot, and insects. Reclaimed terracotta has the added benefit of being time-tested. Since it has already endured years of use and still looks pristine, you know it’s well-made and destined to last. 

3. Reclaimed Terracotta is Eco-Friendly

Terracotta is natural, sustainable, and safe for the environment. It comes from the ground and is available almost anywhere in the world. Since it doesn’t need to be grown or artificially processed, terracotta has a low carbon footprint. It also doesn’t emit dangerous chemicals into the air or ground.

Terracotta is already environmentally friendly as it is but reclaimed terracotta takes it a step further. Instead of selecting a new material for your project, you can choose to recycle an existing one. Salvaging requires even less processing and you’ll be saving beautiful terracotta tiles from an undeserving trip to the landfill.

Choose Reclaimed Terracotta From Impression

If Old World style appeals to you, choose reclaimed terracotta from Impression. We’ve salvaged beautiful and unique terracotta tiles from French farmhouses, chateaux, and other architectural structures. Reclaimed terracotta is not only smart and environmentally friendly; it’s also distinctly charming. We know you’ll love the culturally rich feel terracotta brings to a space. Contact us today to learn more about terracotta and natural stones.