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Signs It’s Time to Remodel

New Year, New House

It’s January, 2020. You’ve already set resolutions for yourself, and you’re ready for the change this year will bring. But, what about your house? When it comes to “new year, new you,” the sentiment extends to your living space! Of course, not every year comes with drastic interior design changes. If you’re unsure that your home needs a refresh, you’re in the right place: Impression is here to go over all the signs that it’s time for a remodel.

You’re Financially Ready

Investing in your home is one of the best investments you can make, and any remodeling deserves to be done right. Any updates, interior or exterior, can be very costly, and larger construction projects tend to take more money and time than expected. Make sure that you have the necessary finances set aside – and then some. 

Your Home Needs It

There are some home remodels that simply cannot be avoided. Spaces that have become dysfunctional as a result of their structural issues need fixing ASAP. This includes leaks, rotting, peeling paint, detaching tiles, and more. Because issues like these only lead to more expensive repairs down the road, the sooner you can fix them, the better. Additionally, a non-functional space affects your daily life and mood. Impression can help redo any space with elegant stone and more.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

With personal changes and growth, you may begin to find that your home no longer fits your needs. Maybe you’re entertaining more, and a large stone fireplace feels necessary. Maybe you’ve adopted a passion for cooking, but your kitchen can’t keep up. Maybe your family has changed, adding a significant other, children, or pets. Whatever it is, your home is a space that reflects you. Remodeling can bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality, ultimately making your house more of a home.

You’re Lacking Functionality

If you’ve found that cabinets are becoming cluttered or you have to navigate around large furniture pieces, it may be time to fully redesign your home. Storage options often solve most of these issues, but sometimes a remodeling is necessary to fix the usability of a given space. As you become acquainted with a room, you’ll begin to notice pitfalls in functionality. When those have accumulated, contact an interior designer, an architect, or one of the specialists at Impression!

You’re Not Up With the Times

It’s 2020, but your home might not represent that. Retro and vintage may be making a comeback, but tastefully intertwining them with modern pieces is essential. When the main features of your home are looking drab and outdated, it’s best to update them to more modern, clean, and classic aesthetics. Then, rustic accents and vintage pieces can be added to taste!

Impression Can Help

The artisans at Impression have years of studying and experience, making them ideal for any home improvement project. We add a level of care and attention not found at every custom stone company, and it’s the reason our clients are always satisfied. Impression specializes in custom fireplaces, flooring, door surrounds, fountains, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, countertops, stairs, walls, roofing, and more. Interior to exterior, purely aesthetic to functional by necessity, Impression does it all.
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