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Limestone signifying whether it is a good option over marble

Questions for Your Limestone Company

Help Your Limestone Company Help You

Upgrading your home is a journey that takes time, money, and patience. There is nothing that should happen overnight, even deciding what types of materials you would like to see in your home. Once you have decided that it is, indeed, time to make a change to your home environment, you may have noticed that you like the look of certain pieces of furniture, but only against the background set in place by the department stores. It is possible that the lush rug that you wanted to add to your room may clash with the wall paper. All of these considerations will matter to the overall look of your home, and you should be aware of what you may be signing up for before you call in a contractor to start making the types of permanent changes that you’re thinking of. Asking questions ahead of time will save you the hassle of having to cancel an order, lose time and money, and delay your project. A local limestone company can assist you with much of the journey to your new home, and help you determine what path for renovation is right for your home.

Should I Choose Limestone or Marble?

The answer to this question depends both on what you want, but also on what look you prefer. In many cases, limestone and marble are interchangeable, but there are a couple of instances, particularly outdoors, that limestone makes a better option than does marble. Both materials are durable and low-maintenance, but marble can actually be scratched if it comes in contact with a hard enough substance. Indoor floors will often be marble, and outdoor tile will often be limestone. Limestone is a more common material for fireplaces and mantles, but marble is also used frequently. Your personal preference will be the main decider for the answer to that question, but your local limestone company will also be happy to make suggestions for you.

Do You Create Custom Designs?

Most of the time, the answer is, ‘yes,’ but this is a good question to ask, even if you do not need a custom piece for your home. The answer to this question speaks to the company’s ability as craftspeople, and that could affect whether or not you call them in the future, or recommend them to others. With custom designs, bear in mind that there may be some limitations worth asking about: for instance, if you would like your initials on the top of your door surround, have you considered the font? Can they build a font for you, or do you have to choose from what they have to offer only? If this detail is a make-or-break detail, be careful not to charge ahead.

How Much do You Charge for the Materials?

This is an important questions because some companies will charge for the cost of importing their materials in addition to the cost of preparing it for your home.

Do You Offer Installation of Your Pieces?

Another important question whose answer will tell you what you will need to prepare for when you get the call that your piece is done. It is always easier to have the same same company create, deliver, and install your new addition, but not all companies will have the resources to make this happen for you.