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Our Favorite Custom Marble Features

Utilizing Custom Marble In All The Right Places

Every home is made up of a number of elements  that will come together to make an overall impression on your guests. If you want to add custom marble items, what should you place in your home? A lot of it depends on your preferences and what your home needs as a finishing touch. Here are some of our favorite custom marble features to help you brainstorm ideas for your space.

Door Surrounds

If your rooms are already well decorated and there is not much room for additions, consider a marble door surround. This will add a dramatic, elegant flair to any space and make for a grand entrance into your home.

Kitchen Hoods

Your regular kitchen can transform into a dream space with a European style. The kitchen hood quickly becomes the focal point of the room and can tie everything together with ease. When you add a custom marble kitchen hood, the room elevates in value and style, combining practicality with elegance..

Marble Walls

Marble is popular on floors and countertops, but it is at its most beautiful when it is treated more like a piece of art. Put marble on one accent wall for a unique appeal of history-rich, natural stone. You can infuse your home with neutral colors with beautiful veins, or you can incorporate a colorful piece of marble in an unconventional, fun, bright shade.


Make your entryway a grand entrance with columns right inside the door. Or, you can place them on the front porch for further curb appeal. They could even sit in doorways or in other places to give your home an elegant look. Columns are unique and long-lasting and can bring an elegant european style you are searching for into your home.


There is nothing like the sound of trickling water to give you garden the relaxing feel you want. When the fountain you have is made from a beautiful marble, it can bring even more to the space. Choose the right color and adorn it however you want. You could get something plain and straightforward and let the beauty of the marble do all of the work, or you can add carvings and go with something more ornate. Either way, your garden is more impressive with a marble fountain at its center.

Fireplace Surround

The fireplace is always a warm, inviting part of the room, whether equipped with a large roaring fire during the holidays, or during the spring and summer months. It can be even more alluring when you have a ravishing custom design made from marble surrounding the space. If you want the fireplace to be a focal point, adding custom marble is the way to go.

Finding The Right Custom Marble Feature

There are no right or wrong ways to use marble within a home. You might put it on your floors or countertops or go a more creative route with custom fountains in your garden or columns inside or outside your home. Whatever your custom marble desires might be, contact the professionals at Impression for help.

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