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Incorporating Stone Decor and Accents Into Your Home

How to Tie in Accents to Your Stone Features

You just got your home redone with stone: what’s next? Loving your stone is easy; it’s beautiful, timeless, and an architectural masterpiece. The next step is tying that stone together with the rest of your home. Below are Impression’s favorite and current stone-accent trends, all of which can be bought or created yourself!

Mini-Candle Holders

Candle holders look beautiful year-round. They can be placed virtually anywhere, from coffee tables to fireplace mantels. There’s a multitude of ways to create your own in less than an hour. Some involve stacking sturdy river stones to create towers. Bind them using a strong glue or other adhesive, placing a small saucer or flattened stone at the top to support the candle. Conversely, you could make candle holders that form “fire pits” via small, layered river rocks.

River Rock Trivets

Especially after installing stone backsplashes and kitchen accents, stone trivets can bring together the whole room. Trivets are the protective plates you set hot pots and pans on to prevent burns and cracks on fragile kitchen countertops. In order to create your own, buy a round cork trivet and use a strong adhesive to bind small stones to it. For a more flexible option, try rounded pieces of felt instead of cork.

Potted Stones

A great way to add subtle stone accents is within potted flowers. A current decor trend includes simple, glass vases with rounded rocks or pebbles in the bottom. Aquatic plants can be added in this instance, or fake flowers can complete the look for a more traditional vibe. Additionally, it’s not unheard of to simply fill glass jars and vases with decorative rocks. This accomplishes the same vibe while delivering a more modern and sleek aesthetic.

Paper Weights

Stone and rock paper weights offer a simple and easy way to bring stone elsewhere in the home. Especially in home offices or rooms with books, they’re useful for holding down loose papers or providing support on bookshelves. You can leave them as natural stone pieces, or paint and decorate them with colors that match your interior design. For extra flare, get them engraved!

Garden Stepping Stones

For exterior stone work, garden stepping stones offer a unique touch. They bring together every aspect of the property. You can make your own DIY-stepping stones by using a non-stick cake pan and concrete. Layer the bottom of the dish with stones that match your home improvement atop contact paper, fill with cement, and allow to dry. Stones that match your home can be purchased from the company that installed them, or you can buy your own elsewhere at a local home improvement retailer.

Artwork and Seasonal Decor

It seems simple, but it’s the perfect accent. Adding artwork or seasonal decor that incorporates stones creates a thematic vibe. Stumbling across art pieces that use stone glued on, or that make art out of stone, are perfect. Additionally, if you have any children in the house, a great seasonal art project is painting stones to look like Easter eggs, jack-o-lanterns, Thanksgiving turkeys, or winter ornaments!

Thematically Stone

Creating a home that seems effortlessly tied together is more work than it may appear, but it’s easy with stone. From limestone to marble, picking pieces that match your custom stone features are sure to wow any guest and make your house feel like home. Looking to add more stone in general? Call up Impression for superior materials and unparalleled work.

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