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7 Things To Look For In A Limestone Fabricator

When you’re looking to hire a limestone fabricator for your next interior or exterior design project, it is important to find the right one who will provide you with the customer service you want and the beautiful custom home features you deserve. You may know what home feature you want, but do you know how to choose the company that will make your feature? Take a look below at several different questions to ask before hiring a limestone fabricator.

1. Do they have experience and have knowledge about proper stone care?

It’s important to be sure that your limestone fabricator has the expertise that you’re looking for. An artisan who is experienced will know about the proper care and maintenance for limestone. They can give you the best pointers and tips so that you can make sure it will remain intact and look as good as new. Also, be sure to check out what their standards are. A few good questions to start with are:

  • Do they use special tools?
  • What type of stone cutting machinery do they use?
  • Do they know how to hand carve limestone?
  • Do they provide custom work?
  • Where do they receive the limestone from that they use for projects?

2. Will they educate you about natural limestone?

If you don’t know anything about limestone, but are interested in using it for any of your custom home features, having a limestone fabricator who can educate you about it and answer your questions is important. An experienced limestone company that has been around for a long time will have the knowledge to give you the professional advice and information you need.

3. Do they provide high quality work?

Of course, when you’re looking for a limestone fabricator to craft a beautiful custom home feature, you will want to make sure that you find an artisan who has the right training and experience to craft exceptional work. To make sure of this, look at their previous work.

5. Is their work environmentally friendly?

If you care about making an impact on the environment, having a limestone fabricator who works well with their suppliers to reduce waste, recycle, represent the environment and more is beneficial.

6. Can you visit their location?

While you may be okay with having your conversations with your limestone fabricator over the phone or via emails about your custom home feature, you may also want to visit their location to see what their work looks like in person. Another advantage to visiting their location is that you can look at the different stone options in person and choose the one you want.

7. Are they helpful to you?

When you are investing in a limestone custom home feature, make sure that the limestone fabricator that you choose is good with communication and is helpful. It’s beneficial to know that they will be a resource for you and that if you have any questions that they will be willing to help you to the best of their ability.