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Beautiful backyard patio with limestone steps and walls

Create A European Oasis Using Marble

Ideas to Add Stylish Marble Accents to Your Home

Give your backyard or lawn a European makeover with beautiful marble home accessories and accents. You can turn your garden into your favorite space in your whole home with just a few fun, new marble pieces. The best home accessories magnify your space and really make it your own. If you long for Italian gardens, family dinners outdoors, the charm of French chateaus, or just a really cozy outdoor space, these tips and tricks are sure to transform your outdoor space into a European oasis.

Add A Touch of European Style With Roofing

Your choices for custom marble pieces are practically endless, so you might want to consider some variety for your rooftop material. One of the most identifiable design aesthetics in all of Europe are those gorgeous terracotta roofs that top homes in both urban and rural communities. All across Europe terracotta is used to add beautiful accents to roofs, and there’s no reason we can’t get that same aesthetic here in the United States. Terracotta is a great addition to any awning rooftop overlooking your backyard or pool terrace. You will definitely nail the architectural appeal of Europe with terracotta roof tiles.

Define Your Space with Marble Tile  

One of the most beautifully unique things about European homes are the little details that add an ambiance of tradition, culture and artistic charm to each and every house. No one cottage, grotto, bungalow or chateau is the same. From Italy to France, there are thousands of examples of marble, limestone, terracotta, and other materials being used as a unique flooring option. You can even tile the deck area or a table on your patio to really give your home it’s own unique European charm.

Striking Old World Designs

Bring a slice of Greek mythology or Ancient Rome right into your backyard by using columns in your design. Columns are architecturally beautiful and really make stair cases and entryways seem very valiant and strong. Adding a marble door surround can also give the entryway to your backyard or outdoor space a more dominant appearance, and is less invasive than constructing columns or stairways. No matter which option you choose, these can all give your outdoor space the lift it needs to bring the feel of Europe right to your home.  

Relax By Your New Fountain

Adding a natural glow to your garden or backyard is easy when you put in a marble fountain. Fountains provide serene waterfalls and really make your outdoor living space one chill area. Water is calming and peaceful, it’s also sure to attract a few woodland creatures. Adding a bird feeder will ensure you make the most of your fountain. Marble fountains are not only beautiful, they add value to any outdoor space.

Make Your Mark With Marble

Marble has for centuries been a mark of elegance in European homes. While you can design countertops, kitchen sinks, and fountains from this stone, it’s also a gorgeous material to use for fireplaces. Creating an outdoor living space that is accented with a marble fireplace can also add a sincere mark of excellence to any garden. When it comes to really adding the charm of Europe, marble fireplaces are a very good choice.