Reclaimed Terracotta

Impression proudly hand carves beautiful custom limestone and marble features for a life of distinction and beauty.


Our Reclaimed Terracotta

We receive our reclaimed terracotta from old farmhouses, chateaux and other buildings in Provence and Burgundy in France. These tiles are typically used for flooring or roofing and provide a unique, and culturally rich aesthetics. Terracotta is made from sand and clay and is generally in various shades of earth tone colors such as reds and yellows. Handmade terracotta tiles are beautiful and long lasting, which makes it a great option for flooring and roofing. There are numerous of benefits of using reclaimed terracotta such as its variety, character, and that it is environmentally friendly.

About Our Limestone Company

At Impression, we are proud to provide you with exceptional customer service and high quality materials and home features. We receive all of our natural stone and terracotta tiles from France and Italy. Our artisans are skilled in shaping and hand carving limestone and marble to look the way you want for unique, beautiful home features such as marble fireplaces, limestone kitchen hoods, and more.

Make a lasting impression with custom limestone or marble fireplaces, columns, flooring, or other home features today!