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Will A Marble Sink Enhance Your Bathroom?

Taking Advantage Of Marble Sinks

If you are renovating your bathroom, you might already know you want to incorporate marble into the space. Perhaps you’d like marble flooring or a marble countertop. Another area you could consider using the natural stone is by way of a marble sink. Marble is a beautiful material that looks good no matter where you put it. Every part of the bathroom gets used frequently, but the sink is something that not only sees use, but also acts as a central focal point of the room. You want the sink to be functional, but also be something that stands out and looks nice. Putting in a marble sink can enhance the look of the space. Here are a few ways in which it can do so:

Streamline The Counters

If you decide to go with marble countertops, you are getting a lot of advantages. The beautiful stone could stop around the sink so you can put in a different material, or it can continue to flow through the sink to create one, streamlined look. Marble comes in slabs and if you are able to use one slab on the whole counter, including the sink, the natural stone will make the whole room look unique and unified.

Forget About Bacteria

Marble, when properly sealed, is non-porous and easy to clean. You can wipe down a marble sink and know you got everything without bacteria hiding in any crevices. It’s easy to clean and it looks brand new each time you wipe it down. In fact, all the cleaning it takes is a simple wipe with a soft cloth and you’re done for the day.

Avoid Crevices

Marble comes in slabs without any breaks. If you get a marble sink, there aren’t any cracks between the sink and the rest of the countertop. There aren’t any crevices that dirt, hair shavings, or anything else can hide in. You don’t have to dig around to try and clean and everything will look nicer in the long run.

Pedestals Are Eye-Catching

Not every marble sink will incorporate a countertop nearby, especially in a half bath or guest bathroom. If your bathroom is smaller, but still functional, you can gain access to a more open look with a pedestal sink. When you choose a marble sink, the unique pedestal style can really stand out. Marble is a hard stone, but it is also easy to form in certain ways. You can have a marble sink carved in any manner you’d like from simple to intricate. The pedestal sinks, when made from marble, bring elegance to the bathroom unlike any other material.

Getting Marble Sink Options

If you’d like to look into marble sink options further to consider how they could fit into your bathroom, contact the professionals at Impression. Working with people who know the marble material well is in the best interest of your bathroom remodeling project. We’ll help you get everything lined up so you’ll be in awe of your marble sink for many years to come.

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