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Why You Should Consider Custom Stone Steps

Are Custom Stone Steps Right For Your Home?

There are endless home improvement projects that you could consider taking on to upgrade your home and increase its value. No matter what you consider, you want to make sure the end result will fit within your home’s style and design. It is often helpful to check out the current home trends. What is popular right now? Keep in mind that some trends come and go while others are classic and timeless. You will want to make changes to your home that have lasting power so you can have something that looks fantastic for the long term. You can’t go wrong with custom stone steps around your home. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider them:


Reason 1: Unique Beauty

You don’t want your home to look exactly like everyone else’s, but you also want it to have beauty and elegance. When you put in custom stone steps, you have something that is catered specifically to your taste, fits in with your home’s design, and is completely one of a kind. The stones are all different in shapes and sizes and no two are identical. You can add steps that are safe and close in size, but are unique at the same time. The natural look will fit in with your garden or yard, but stand out as a custom feature that you will love for years to come.

Reason 2: Overall Durability

Stone steps are more durable than alternative materials. Concrete can chip over time and bricks are easily broken. Natural stone holds up better to wear and tear as the years go by. Putting natural stones that are customized to your color, shape, and size preferences can help you give your steps a longevity that other materials cannot provide.

Reason 3: Monetary Savings

Natural stone steppers usually cost less than other materials. You can purchase them by the ton or in bulk, which saves you even more. Installation isn’t all that hard, especially when the stones are brought to your site. You do not have to have anyone lay out concrete and let it dry, as installations are simple and straightforward. In addition, the materials cost less and the installation labor charges are cheaper as well. 

Reason 4: Color Options

There are nearly limitless options in colors and styles when you look into custom stone steps. If you want brown, grey, tan, red tones, or something in between, you can find a stone to perfectly match your needs. The color options are all natural, but they can bring out just the right natural shades in your garden or landscaping. 

Reason 5: The Natural Look

There’s something to be said about a natural look, especially in an outdoor area. Concrete isn’t natural and brick oftentimes does not have the desired effect that many wish to achieve with their outdoor steps. When you put in natural stones for steps, it looks like they’ve always been there and perhaps even occurred naturally. They fit into the natural landscaping and accomplishes the look you are going for you in your yard. 

Getting Custom Stone Steps

If you are interested in more information about custom stone steps for your yard, contact the professionals at Impression. We can help you find the right materials, decide on the right colors, and get the other customizations lined up so you have just what you want when the project is complete.

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