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Why You Need a Stone Range Hood

Adding a Stone Range Hood to Your Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a stone range hood is one way to bring your kitchen to the next level. A stone range hood is a practical investment, and reduces the issues commonly associated with the kitchen: smoke, dust, moisture, smells, and more. Read on to see why a stone range hood might just be the perfect addition to your home.

Types of Stone Range Hoods

At Impression, we create stone range hoods out of limestone and marble. Our stone range hoods are made out of these specific materials, quarried from the best stone sources in the world, because of their high-quality and durability. Natural stone is inherently resistant to many elements, especially those that rise when cooking over a stove, like smoke, steam, moisture, and heat. Stone range hoods can come in a wide range of designs, and no two ever look exactly the same. Our artisans can craft and carve to create a stone range hood with a custom appearance that matches your ideal aesthetic.

Benefits to a Stone Range Hood

Homeowners every day choose stone range hoods as a way of upgrading their kitchen space. Will you be next? Here are some of the best reasons for choosing a stone range hood.

Stone Range Hoods Regulate Temperature

Natural stone has a higher density than other man-made materials, and conducts heat well. This thermal conductivity lends itself to regulating temperature with ease and taking heat out of the air. Even with this ability to absorb heat, stone range hoods stay, generally speaking, cool to the touch. Additionally, the stone chimneys of kitchen range hoods allow for better air circulation, which is vital when you’re cooking large meals or hosting. There’s no such thing as a stuffy kitchen when a stone range hood is involved!

Stone Range Hoods Are Easy to Clean

In kitchens, it’s imperative to have features and appliances that are easy to clean. Afterall, it is the part of the home that experiences quite a bit of mess from time to time! Limestone and marble can be great as a kitchen hood material because of their simplicity in care. They’re easy to clean, and don’t collect dust or dirt the way other range hood materials would.

Stone Range Hoods Keep Air Fresh

When cooking, it can be nice to smell the meal you’re preparing, but you certainly don’t want those smells to linger past meal time. With the increased air flow of a stone range hood, you also achieve a home that smells and feels cleaner. Limestone especially absorbs fumes well, and removes the dampness of a kitchen. It quickly reduces internal “pollution,” and helps avoid the buildup of bacteria.

Stone Range Hoods Are Stunning Centerpieces

One of the biggest benefits to a stone range hood is simply how beautiful it’ll make your kitchen look. They’re impressive features that create a fascinating focal point, and draw the eye towards the centerpiece of the room. Especially in open-concept homes, a natural stone kitchen hood can signify a central location for gathering and socializing. 

Custom Stone Range Hoods From Impression

Impression has been crafting elegant custom home designs since 1985, and custom kitchen hoods are among our most popular options. Each piece is made with extreme detail driven by expert techniques and the best carving tools available. Our custom limestone and marble kitchen hoods can even be made to incorporate features like your favorite design, animal, or even a family crest. Contact us today to get started on a kitchen hood range, or any other custom home feature!

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