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Where You Can Use Limestone Around The Home

For many homeowners, how they choose to layout and decorate the home can be a reflection of their own personality. This can be shown through the furniture they use, artwork they have hanging around the home, or even their house’s landscaping. Regardless of the means, the look of a home says a lot about the people living inside.  

Add A Sense of Elegance To Your Home Using Limestone

When crafted by seasoned artisans, limestone structures can completely transform the way that you and everyone else will see your home. How you choose to use limestone is entirely up to your, but there are a number of options available. Here are some of the most common home features that people use limestone for.

Making A Great First Impression

When travelling throughout historical cities in Europe, something that really stands out is the architecture. Built centuries ago, there is an indistinguishable sense of grandeur and beauty that is hard to find in modern architecture. Fortunately, limestone and marble door surrounds can give your home that unique sense of elegance. You can create rounded or squared off archway that will greet you and any visitors in an truly impressive way. The visually striking natural stone will give you a timeless look.

Gathering Around The Fire

In every home, it’s important to have a welcoming communal space that people can gravitate towards. Even during warmer month, a beautifully handcrafted limestone fireplace will keep you cozy in more than one way. One of the best parts about a limestone fireplace is that they can be crafted with extremely intricate designs. Some people might opt for a more modern, sleek look using white marble, but for any type of pattern or design can be engraved into a darker fontenay dore. There are plenty of limestone and marble options you can choose from, so you have plenty of flexibility to get your ideal home setup.

Awe Guests No Matter Where They Go In Your Home

Expert craftsmen can use limestone and marble for plenty of structure in and around your home. One place that you might not have thought about are the stairs! You can create a completely grand entrance for yourself every day, and anyone who sees it for the first time will be blown away. Limestone stairs, especially those placed in an home’s entryway, can really set the stage for how people will see your house. You will be creating a durable and exquisite addition to your home.

Also, you don’t need to only focus on big pieces. There are opportunities for marble and limestone integration in nearly every room. You can have sinks, countertops, and even floor tiles made from this one of a kind material.

Making Limestone A Staple Of Your Home

Those are only some of the available options for custom home features that you can use around your home. If you want to learn more about how you can utilize limestone, or if you have some creative ideas of your own, make sure you contact a local limestone artisan company who can help make your vision a reality.

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