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Entry way to house looking fantastic with new limestone addition

Where to Put Limestone in Your Home

Upgrade Your Home with Limestone

If you’ve been wondering about a new addition to places in and around your home, look no further than an entirely new material. Limestone has been used for thousands of years in buildings, from the Great Pyramids at Giza in Egypt to churches and homes in Medieval Europe, some of which are still standing. Limestone has dozens of uses, as does its cousin, marble. Choosing a good limestone company is just as important as the decision to get limestone in the first place, and the beauty of your home is more than important enough for you to go with a reputable company that cares about your success as a homeowner, and a home lover. Sometimes taking care of and maintaining your property isn’t just about keeping pipes clear and cutting the grass regularly. Adding to your home, or upgrading fixtures or the frame of your home itself is better care than you knew it could be.

Adding a Fountain

If you don’t have the funds or the patience to make your bathroom a spa-like getaway, try a fountain in your backyard. You will be able to get away from your neighbors for some well-deserved and much-needed peace. All you will have to do is sit close by, listening to the sounds of water flowing over your choice of marble or limestone. Fountains have inspired writers and painters over the years, and can give you the chance to refocus and recenter.

Gorgeous Staircases

Perfect for a change that gives you a chance to really experience the luxury of marble, adding a marble staircase to your home is an excellent way to give your home the beauty and class that it deserves. With soft marble under your feet, there’ll be no greater pleasure than going up and down the stairs in your home.


Give your home an elegant and historic-inspired upgrade with limestone or marble columns. Columns are a sophisticated and enviable addition that can even provide some extra privacy to those that are looking to make a more cozy home.

Limestone Walls

If you’re looking for a fun and luxurious way to spice up your home, consider limestone walls. Available in a variety of styles for all of the purposes of your home and home decor, limestone walls can make a flower garden a chic event space, or dress up older potted plants or trees to fit the area surrounding them. Custom limestone walls can be any height you need, and moulding them to fit your needs will make give you a fun and interesting possibility to update your home.


Nothing bespeaks a beautiful home interior quite like a marble fireplace. A fireplace is a central place in a home for a family to gather together to cuddle, talk, and laugh. Roasting chestnuts over a fire is a time-honored holiday tradition dating back to the First Nations of the United States, and appropriated by families across the United States and Europe. Marble fireplaces also have a practical purpose, in that it is highly unlikely that a fire will burn out of control, as marble isn’t flammable. A marble fireplace could be the part of your home that you most look forward to when mornings cool off, and days get shorter.