Limestone Learning Center

Light pink limestone slab

Where Should You Get Limestone?

Limestone Makes Home Feel like Home

Limestone has so many uses, many people can’t believe that it isn’t in more places than it already is! If you’ve owned your home for a while, or if you’ve just purchased it, adding limestone can make you home a more beautiful place with its subtle beauty, intense durability, and ease of care. Don’t think that the details of your home are something to overlook; people that choose limestone and marble are usually the type that value having a great home that meets all of their needs.  


Many people choose to have flower beds made of bricks, or troughs filled with soil to protect their blooms. Making this part of your home is easy, as both options easily match, and can be easy to get. What people can overlook is how simple and elegant a limestone wall will make your yard. Imagine several rose bushes, each growing a different color of rose, and held together by a multi-layer limestone wall that rises roughly two and a half feet. You’ve got a great conversation piece for a get-together with friends, and a place to source your fresh rose lemonade.

Pool Deck

Granite is probably the most popular material for building in-ground pool decks. It’s easy to see why; granite is easy to get, and very tough. Limestone, though has granite beat. It is similarly tough, easy to care for, and is much more attractive. Because of this, limestone is gaining popularity as a material to be used on pool decks. People who have in-ground pools will often also have in-ground hot tubs, where a limestone deck is useful, and always loved. Making your home more elegant, even during pool time, is possible with limestone.


If you don’t have a pool, and don’t want one, that’s okay! There still a great place for you to have limestone in your home on the patio. Imagine relaxing in spring, with warm, lovely limestone under your feet. This durable limestone floor of your patio can withstand the scraping of patio furniture being moved back and forth to a family’s desire. Make sure that you ask your local limestone company about all of the possibilities for design with your limestone patio. It’s easy to reach for the standard square pattern, but an attractive and engaging pattern could be just the thing that will relax you after a long day of work.


Marble and limestone both make excellent materials for countertops. The can be customized to fit your home, and they can be decorated to make your kitchen area more attractive. If you’ve got a home, choosing limestone is a way to show your home how much you love it, while contributing to the home’s value down the line.


While it may not seem like a necessity in states like California and Arizona to have a fireplace, they are still part of many homes’ construction, and get use in winter as much as fireplaces in other states. A fireplace, though, is more than just climate control. It is a place that you gather your family, laugh together, and sip hot chocolate. Don’t take your fireplace for granted. Choose a custom limestone fireplace, and your home will be that much warmer.