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limestone slab that is white and black

Where Limestone Belongs

Limestone is Beautiful Everywhere

When the Ancient Egyptians were sorting through their resources for a material that would make a worthy burial place for their kings, called Pharaohs, they chose limestone. As it turns out, limestone was not only incredibly beautiful, but also strong enough to stand the test of time. Thousands of years later, their beautiful and detailed limestone tombs were opened by people who had no idea what splendor they were about to experience. Limestone is a material that is still used far and wide today, and is still loved by builders, homeowners, and building residents alike. Limestone has so many wonderful uses, it’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t have it!   


One of limestone’s best features is the fact that is it both attractive and durable. Limestone has the ability to maintain its shape and color for years and years. This means more running around and playing, with less cleaning. When you choose limestone for your stairs, you’re choosing a tough staircase that will look as beautiful on the thousandth day as it did on the first! Limestone stairs are ready for the parade of feet, wheels, dropped items, and quiet evenings that come with loving your home.   


A fireplace is the corner of your home around which your family comes together to spend time, laugh, and maybe even roast marshmallows. Choosing a limestone fireplace means that you will stand out from the crowd. Normally, brick, beachstone, or even a type of metal-finish material is chosen for a fireplace. Limestone is fire-proof, and doesn’t get dangerously hot, making it an ideal material for a fireplace. A limestone fireplace isn’t just a safe alternative to traditional brick fireplaces; it is also great for making your fireplace yours. Feel free to customize your limestone, and make it your own several times over. Work with your local limestone company to create designs that match your vision of a perfect home.


Just like your limestone stairs can handle all the ups and downs of your everyday life, limestone floors are sturdy enough to do the same. Particularly with homes that have small children, limestone can be a real time-saver. Limestone is not only durable and attractive, but will also make your whole home a better place. Limestone floors don’t require harsh chemicals to clean and install, so choosing limestone is choosing a natural and safe solution for your family to make your life better. Imagine having floors that could take everything that your family dished out, but didn’t stain, crack, or blister. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of home that your family deserves? Limestone floors take away your worry with beauty and resiliency.


Without limestone countertops, clean up after cooking will take longer. The dynamo of limestone in the kitchen is its inability to retain the colors and smells that you don’t want on your floor, or next to the food that you’ve prepared. Limestone countertops are the surface that will be clean with a swipe of disinfectant on a cloth, allowing you more time with your family, and less time in the kitchen.