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Where Function Meets Form: All About Stone Pillars

Stone Pillars Offer Support and Charm

Stone pillars: from beautiful to functional, these architectural masterpieces span a range of uses. In this article, Impression reviews all the ways you can incorporate custom columns in your home.


Stone pillars can be placed virtually anywhere, and where they go is dependent on your individual needs. 


Interior stone pillars are typically used for support. Often, they can be seen in homes that underwent renovations. When homes exceed their previous size and additions are made, taking down support walls is an arduous task. Instead of removing support beams, it is often easier to add support in the form of beautiful indoor columns. Some of Impression’s favorite stone pillars have been found in large door frames or in kitchens, along countertops.


Exterior stone pillars may be for support or for decoration. Most assume that exterior stone pillars will resemble plantation-style homes, creating elegant fronts of houses. While this is true, exterior pillars may also simply dramatize a property. They add beauty and class while remaining effortlessly simple.


Which form of stone pillar you embrace depends on your home’s needs. One easy way to divide stone pillars is into categories of those that are freestanding and others which offer structural support.


Freestanding pillars are almost exclusively for decoration. Impression sees them most at the ends of driveways or pathways, signaling an entrance in an artistic manner. However, just because their structural integrity isn’t utilized doesn’t make them useless. Freestanding stone pillars can become mailboxes or stands for potted plants, adding function to their form.


Support pillars are used to amplify the way you add stability to your home. While known for their structural integrity, stone support pillars are elegant and eye-catching. From an interior aspect, they may be floor-to-ceiling stone, or half-stone and half-molding. This form of support has been effective since the dawn of time, found in many historic buildings. 

Visual Aesthetic

Having stone pillars adds instant architectural interest. These beautiful accents quickly increase the value of any home, especially when used in conjunction with stone pathways, stone entryways, and stone home fronts. In addition, adding stone pillars previews the interior of your home to guests if used as a whole-home aesthetic. Tying the exterior stone you have to any stone fireplaces, kitchen aspects, or in-home stone features creates a cohesive vibe.


Stone columns have ancient pasts, stemming from The Colosseum and ancient Greek architecture. Greek, Egyptian, and Roman columns come in a variety of forms. If you’re looking to implement more classically-styled forms, like ionic or doric, Impression can craft custom limestone or marble columns.


Don’t let the fact that stone pillars are found in many long-standing monuments fool you into thinking they’re only a classic vibe. Modern stone support pillars come in artistically stacked versions, sculptures with cutouts, and simple, clean cuts too.

Impression’s Stone Pillars

No matter what kind of stone pillars you’re looking to install in your home, Impression is the place to do it. Our company is number one in stone masonry, and we take pride in every home we modify. Between our skilled craftsmen and striking colors, types, and styles of stone columns, you’ll be in love with the final product.

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