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What To Consider When Choosing a Flooring Material

Choosing a Flooring Material: What to Consider?

Before you choose to redo your floors, take a moment to pause! Have you considered all of the facets of your new flooring option? There are plenty of flooring materials to choose from, and Impression’s favorite is, of course, natural stone. Read through the following factors to make sure you have all of your flooring bases covered.

Appearance of the Flooring

One of the first things those seeking new flooring look at is the appearance of the textile. This makes sense – you want a flooring that matches you and your home on an aesthetic level! Color is a big factor, and some homeowners seek more unique or stand-out options. Natural stone options come in nearly every color due to the unique formation of limestone in different places, and your color preference can easily be met by natural stone. Something else to consider is how texture, especially of stone, can impact the appearance of your flooring’s color. Certain materials may look different in sunlight, or add a different ambiance than you were expecting.

Appearance also includes the layout of your flooring. This is a facet commonly overlooked. Which orientation will your flooring follow? If you’re using tiles with color variance, how will those differences be incorporated into the overall appearance?

Ease of Installation

Some homeowners decide to take on flooring installation themselves. To tackle such a project on your own can limit your options to what’s capable of being installed easily. Additionally, installation fees may vary by hours of labor, and you may need to opt for flooring that doesn’t break the budget.

Maintenance of the Flooring

Something to keep in mind is the necessary upkeep that comes with your new flooring material. Carpeting can be hard to keep clean, and may require regular steaming. Hardwood floors may need polishing, scratch protection, and can even become discolored if in an area of the home with excessive sunlight. Stone needs occasional resealing in order to be long-lasting, and artificial counterparts may not last long at all.

Your Flooring’s Future

In addition to upkeep and maintenance, you should also keep in mind that your living situation and family may change over time. These changes could affect the care of your flooring, whether the flooring will need extra attention or if it’ll be harder to keep up with the maintenance required to get the full lifespan of your flooring. Thinking of adopting a dog? Having kids? Pick a flooring that readies you for the future of your home and family.

Flooring Material’s Appeal

While you may plan to stay in your home for quite some time following the installation of new flooring, things may change. You may move out unexpectedly, or even just intend on selling your home in the far future. While originality and fitting your personal style are vital, don’t forget that something more niche may be harder to sell. You’ll want to choose a flooring that still has broad appeal to attract all types of buyers and add to the resale value of your home.

Impression Can Help You Choose

Especially when you’re stuck between different natural stone flooring options, Impression is here to help! Our company offers a wide variety of limestone flooring options, as well as reclaimed terracotta tiles that feature plenty of versatility. Contact our group of artisans and specialists today for advice and guidance on stone flooring, or to get started on a project with us! No matter where in your home you’re hoping to add stone flooring, our flooring options can provide that special touch you’re looking for.

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