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What Natural Stone Is Best for Bathrooms?

Why Natural Stone Is Best for Bathrooms

Redoing your bathroom? Congratulations! Making upgrades to smaller spaces is always a fun and exciting process, filled with plenty of choices to make through which you can express your individual style. At Impression, we’re often asked by our clients which stone we’d recommend for bathroom remodels, if stone at all. Personally, we believe it’s always the right choice! Here’s why we love natural stone in bathrooms, and which stones offer great advantages versus which do not.

Advantages of Natural Stone in Bathrooms

The biggest advantage to natural stone in bathrooms is the beauty. We often think of natural stone as a feature of kitchens, entry ways, and living room fireplaces. However, bathrooms — especially those used by guests — are the perfect opportunity for incorporating stone. It’s an elegant option, and far more upscale than any tile, laminate, or similar/synthetic options. Additionally, it’s a way to tie your home together; use the same type of stone as in the rest of the house or from your outdoor space, and guests will admire the cohesiveness created. One last reason natural stone is ideal for bathrooms is because of its durability. Natural stone is inherently resistant to water, heat, pressure, and even mold and mildew depending on the type! Therefore, it doesn’t only make your home beautiful, but is a practical option with an incredibly long lifespan.

Marble for Bathrooms

Marble is most homeowners’ first choice for bathrooms. This stone is durable, easy to maintain, and especially coveted by home buyers, which means it adds plenty of value to your home. While marble comes with higher upfront costs, its long lifespan and stunning aesthetics tend to make it worth it.

Granite for Bathrooms

Granite is a cooling stone with a natural appearance. It’s especially easy to clean, and resistant to chipping and scratching — perfect for those with pets, children, or high-traffic bathrooms.

Limestone for Bathrooms

With neutral tones and a calming aesthetic, limestone is perfect for any bathroom. Its upkeep is minimal, its lifespan is endless, and its patterning options match any color aesthetic.

Soapstone for Bathrooms

Soapstone is pretty, but not necessarily recommended for bathrooms. It requires biannual sealing with heavy coats of oil to protect against damage. Additionally, soapstone is known for gradually darkening over time, and may be a different color after a few years of wear.

Onyx for Bathrooms

Onyx is a very affordable option for bathrooms, and many homeowners choose to use it in shower stalls or the tiles of tub surrounds due to its price. Onyx serves as a cheaper option to marble, limestone, and granite, but doesn’t come with the same level of durability.

Elevate Your Bathroom With Impression’s Natural Stone

When it comes to redoing your bathroom, your home deserves the best natural stone available. The artisans of Impression take great pride and joy in creating any custom home feature you need, which is why we’re one of the most well-renowned stone providers in the area. Our team can help you choose the ideal natural stone for flooring, sinks, countertops, walls, tiling, and more in your bathroom, as well as roofing, stairs, kitchen hoods, columns, and more for the rest of your home. Plus, our designers are skilled in picking the right stone for your particular project, including color and pattern. With natural stone available in a huge variety, plus stone crafters with years of experience and dedication, it only makes sense to choose Impression. Contact us today to get started on your next renovation project, and turn your house into your dream home!

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