Limestone Learning Center

A Wall of limestone showing different layers and colors

What Limestone is Best for You?

Match Your Limestone to the Mood of Your Room.

Don’t think that the details in each and every room will go unnoticed by the people lucky enough to come into your home. If you’ve got a home of your own, people pay attention to how well our humble abode is coordinated, or how well thing match. Even the most beautiful homes can feel flat, or incomplete, without a fair balance of the elements of design and decor. Don’t let your home fall victim to the crime of being less than perfect for your family. Start from the floor up, and you’ll soon have the home your family deserves.

Bright with Red Undertones.

If you’re a person mired in absolute boldness, you’re likely to choose a bright, energetic color with red undertones. Red is a passionate color that evokes strong feelings of romance and determination. Red undertones deserve to be brought out with red-toned floors. Red undertone walls with red-tone floors invite a specific strong energy to a room, and make it electric. Don’t be shy with your red floors. Choosing red for a limestone floor is the best thing you can do in a situation like this; you’re choosing this color for its fire, and this material for its durability, keeping your fire burning for a long time.

Bright with Yellow Undertones.

Though as energetic as red, yellow is a different kind of undertone that offers a different energy. Yellow is a soothing, steady vibe that will be beautifully enhanced with a champagne-toned limestone. The steadiness won’t be missed for a moment if you keep a limestone floor. Durable with a hearty color found in nature, this type of floor in a bright room with yellow undertones will appeal to any and everyone that likes a happy, calming color.

Bright Patterned Walls.

Bright patterned walls can overwhelm some, but make a statement for others. This is something you would absolutely expect to find in the home of an artist, and a good thing to have in your own home. They make for smiles in a living room, and good spirits in a kitchen. Bright patterned walls make a good place to stare off when you need a break from overthinking, and when you’re simply thinking of how lucky you’ve been. Whether you’ve got clouds painted over a dusky sky, pretty arches, or a print you created yourself, complementing your patterned walls is easy when you’ve got white marble looking up at your ceiling. If you’re worried about staining a white floor, don’t be: adding marble is adding a layer of protection to your home, and you can sit back, and love your home without all of the worry when you have marble.

Neutral Patterned Walls.

Gradients, ridges, and other subtle patterns make some people at ease in their home, but these choices have their own personalities, and their own needs when it comes to your flooring, and your decor. Do the necessary justice to your room with a classic white marble with grey veins. You’ve got everything you need in your home already, and a quiet pattern on your walls demands a similarly quiet material to complement it.